Q: Who are you guys?
A: Jason and Jeni.  Together, we are the Snack Gator – a saucy snack fiend with a sassy mouth and swollen belly.

Q: Where does Snack Gator live?
A: Your mom’s house.

Q: Why did you start Snack Gator?
A: It all started as a joke. We are both Bloggers, and both junk food connoisseurs. We would find cool, new snack products while shopping, and text the images of them to each other. If we tried a product, we would share our thoughts about them. One day, Jeni said, “We should totally start a blog about junk food.” Jason said, “HAHA!  Right?”  A year later, we had that same conversation, and actually decided it was a great idea. Obviously, we were right, because our millions of fans and followers agree. You’re welcome.

Q: What seasonal flavors can we expect?
A: We generally see a nice influx of gingerbread, peppermint, and white chocolate during the holidays. In 2017, we saw an influx of hot cocoa as a flavor, but it’s basically just milk chocolate. Of course, pumpkin spice, caramel apple and maple are the popular fall flavors.

Q: Why do you review stuff you don’t like?
A: Obviously, we won’t know if we like it or not, until we taste it. Our reviews are 100% honest and 100% real. If something sucks when we review it, we let you know.  After reading all of our reviews (you’ve read them ALL, right?), you’ll get to know each of our tastes, personalities and preferences.  From there, you can decide if you have similar likes and dislikes, and know if you’ll want to chow down on the stuff we review.

Q: What’s your favorite product to review?
A: Food.

Q: Where do you find the best snacks?
A: That depends on what they are. Distribution is our mortal enemy. In Texas, Jeni usually scores at Walmart, while in Michigan, Jason finds the best items at Meijer.  We also find great stuff in your mom’s pantry.

Q: Are you guys just fatass losers with no jobs that live in your parents’ basement and eat all day?
A: Well that’s a rude question.  Yes, yes we are.

Q: What’s the weirdest snack you’ve ever eaten?
A: Probably My/Mo Mochi Balls.  Neither of us were prepared for what they are, even though there’s a picture on the package. It’s a soft, chewy, gummy “shell” of a dough, surrounding creamy cashew cream in different flavors. It was a weird but amazing sensation.

Q: Will you send me the snacks you find?
A: No. We eat them.

Q: Tell me something about yourself that few people know.
A: Jeni – I play with toy dinosaurs in my bubble bath.
Jason – I can skip rocks pretty far.

Q: What are the hardest products to find?
A: Halo Top is the bane of our existence. It’s a damn good day in The Swamp when we find the newest flavor within a month of it being released.

Q: Do you have Snack Gator merchandise I can buy?
A: Do you WANT Snack Gator merchandise you can buy?

Q: How do you know when products are “coming soon”?
A: Magic.

Q:  Do you have Instagram?
A:  Yes. You’ll find tons of great selfies of Snack Gator in yoga pants, pretending to workout at the gym there.

Q:  Do you have SnapChat?
A:  No. Too many middle-aged men named “Yuri” kept telling us we were his “beutiful angle” and wanted us to send him money to take care of his sick kid.

Q:  Do you have Facebook?
A:  Yah, but Zuck that site. You’ll never see our posts unless you’re obsessed with us.

Q: Do you have Twitter?
A: Of course.  Where else can we see pictures of puppies that wish us a “Happy Monday” and pictures of Sarah’s new bathing suits, which are really just an excuse to show off her boobs to the Twitterverse?

Q: I’m a food company with awesome products for you to review. How can I get ahold of you?
A: First of all, we’ll be the judge of the adjective you put in front of “products.” You can email us at thesnackgator@gmail.com. If you flatter us, you’ll have a better chance of us reviewing your products.

Q: Why is the Snack Gator holding a bag of chips in the logo?
A: Because our favorite snack of all time is chips. Duh.