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Two New SweeTarts Ropes Flavors Are Coming Soon

Two New SweeTarts Ropes Flavors Are Coming Soon

We love a company that can take a concept and run like a cheetah with it. Licorice. It’s simple. It’s delicious. It’s fun to eat. But SweeTARTS decided to take licorice and do some Harry Potter magic on it. Expecto Licorocia! They made TWO new fruity licorice treats that combine the SweeTARTS flavors with a tart filling. It’s stuffed licorice. It’s stuffed magic.⁣

SweeTARTS Twisted Rainbow Punch Soft & Chewy Ropes are rainbow colored and fruit punch flavored. And it’s a spot on punchy tarty flavor, too. Then, the SweeTARTS Mixed Berry Ropes Bites are little fruity licorice bite-sized pieces with three berry flavors twisted up around that tart filling. They are super sour and super yum! Want some? Just say the magic words…. OR this spring, you can check out anywhere that sells SweeTARTS, including Walmart and Target (that option is probably easier anyway). ?

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