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KFC Chicken & Donuts Sandwich Is Out Now

KFC Chicken & Donuts Sandwich Is Out Now

KFC is always coming up with crazy marketing plans. In 2017, they sent their classic chicken sandwich into space, and earlier this month they launched KFC Crocs that smell like fried chicken. And now, they’ve combined two classics – glazed donut and their original crispy chicken, into onto a sandwich. KFC claims that that the donuts are fried when you order them, so they’re hot and fresh. We actually witnessed it in action. They’re freshly fried with every order.

There’s really no surprise here…it’s glazed donuts and it’s KFC chicken. You can probably already imagine what that combination tastes like. It’s honestly a sticky awkward mess to hold and exactly what you would expect. If you love sugary glazed donuts and KFC chicken, you’ll really enjoy this sweet and savory combo! Choose from getting it as a basket or in sandwich form through March 16th. Although this didn’t blow us away, we can’t wait to see what KFC comes up with next!

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