OMG GUYS! ? New Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms ice cream is hitting shelves now! Cereal is officially moving more into the snack world and we are okay with that. The question is…do they live up to the hype? Short answer: YES! The Cinnamon Toast Crunch has a cinnamon flavored base with cinnamon graham swirl AND cereal mixes mixed within. It tastes ridiculously spot on to what you what expect. The pieces of cereal found within add a nice texture to the ice cream, and the swirl adds a nice boost of cinnamon flavor. The flavor is just spot on. ⁣

The Lucky Charms ice cream features a vanilla base with a “cereal” swirl and Lucky Charms marshmallows mixed within. This ice cream is “fluffy” in a fun way, because marshmallows are SO fluffy after all. The isn’t actual pieces of cereal in this one, but the marshmallows are very prominent. Eating this one is so fun because there’s so many vibrant colors from the marshmallows in every bite! We do think they could’ve added even more marshmallows to this, but it definitely reminds us of Lucky Charms cereal.⁣

Both of these are a definite buy! We spotted them at Meijer for anyone wondering. And a big thanks to @thedeliciousdino for the tip to find them there!

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