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Kit-Kat Minis Ice Cream Bars Are Here

Kit-Kat Minis Ice Cream Bars Are Here

We’re all about anything Kit Kat. That simple candy bar has so many possibilities! So these Kit Kat Minis …. yah. We’re on these like fat kids on cake. Or… well, either of us on cake. They are described as a “wafer with fudge,” which is actually a lame description. They are actually chocolate covered wafer bits on top of a layer of fudge, followed by a vanilla “frozen dairy product” – (we’ll just say, “ice cream”). And they are little pieces of joy! We found these at Kroger – but they should be out in other stores soon, too! ??

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I steal my nieces’ Halloween candy and laugh about it, put whipped cream on vegetables, don’t trust food that isn’t in a package, and worship ice cream. Chips are my favorite snack and might just end up being my downfall. I would marry Flamin' Hot Cheetos if it was legal (and not weird). Born and raised near Detroit, I grew up eating delicious coney dogs, unique pizzas, and of course --- all the best snacks.

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