Chex Mix MAX’D Review

The other day, an older guy asked me what I do for fun. I jokingly said that I blog about snack food on the internet. He probably had no idea what a blog exactly was…and I could tell he was slightly confused. He hesitantly proceeded to ask me “…so you’re a professional snacker?”. My day was made. However, my day was made even more when I finally got my hands on these Chex Mix MAX’D snacks. According to General Mills, these snacks include “flavor blasted” pieces…you bet that instantly got my attention.

Let’s start with the Buffalo Ranch! Of course I had to start off with one of the “flavor blasted” Chex pieces. It’s bright in color and definitely stands out in this mix. Oh. Em. Gee. Omg. Yum. YES, I am an instant fan! I first pick up on the ranch aspect and I am left wondering where the buffalo is. After eating a few more pieces, the heat starts to come. Note that this is a milder buffalo flavor and the ranch stands out, but it is a good balance. The “flavor blasted” Chex pieces are a bit softer than your ordinary Chex piece. They reminded me a lot of Muddy Buddies in texture.

The Spicy Dill is the one I was most excited for, only because dill flavored snacks aren’t as common. You get an immediate whiff of pickles when you open the bag. Again, I went for the “flavor blasted” Chex piece first. Delicious. These are spicy dill for a reason. What I found to be super strange, these were slightly spicier than the Buffalo Ranch. The dill flavor is very prominent and isn’t overtaken by the heat level, so no worries on that end! However, if you cannot tolerate spicy snacks, these might not be for you.

Honestly, I could eat an entire bag of JUST the “flavor blasted” pieces. They are THAT good. I am hoping that eventually happens. I am also hoping that we see more flavors added to this Chex Mix MAX’D product line!

There you have it. I recommend giving these both a try! Chex Mix did a good thing by naming the pieces “Flavor blasted” — because they truly do carry so much more flavor than the rest of the pieces. Just like how my day was made when that old dude called me a “professional snacker”, my day was also made by trying these. I’d definitely buy these again!

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