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Yah, that made you smirk a little, gave you chills, and started your mouth watering, didn’t it?  If that word doesn’t affect you, you are excused.  You may go.  You are dismissed.  For the rest of us rational, logical, chocolate respecting people, gather round, because we have some pretty fun news for you!

Remember last  year before the holidays, we reviewed some crazy good chocolate bars from Tony’s Chocolonely?  If you don’t remember, allow us to summarizefor you:  IT IS FREAKING AMAZING CHOCOLATE!  The wrappers made us feel good because they reminded us of Wonka Bars.  We didn’t find a Golden Ticket, but we did get sick from eating too much chocolate.  It was awesome.

To remind you, Tony’s Chocolonely is an Amsterdam-based company that offers slave-free, bean-to-bar chocolate.  They care a lot about chocolate, but they care more about people.  That’s pretty cool.  Know what else is pretty cool?  They have two brand new flavors they just introduced:  White Chocolate Raspberry Popping Candy, and Milk Chocolate Honey Almond Nougat.

Yah, chocolate nay-sayers… we see your interest peaking after hearing those flavors!  So, these two newbies actually help complete a rainbow of Tony’s.  The wrappers, although not as cool as those limited edition wrappers, make a pretty rainbow when put together!  And we’re about to get sick from too much chocolate again, while we review the entire line of Tony’s Chocolonely for you.

Milk Chocolate

Jeni’s Take: Silky smooth…. if this chocolate had a 90s R&B group name, it would totally be Silky Smooth.  Holy crap, this is AMAZING! It quite literally melts in your mouth and has a beautifully creamy texture that’s super soft and sweet.  No waxy chocolate taste here… it’s absolutely the perfect chocolate bar.

Jason’s Take: Ridiculously creamy, smooth, and milky. This chocolate is the definition of DELICIOUS! This is what milk chocolate should taste like. Just a warning that you won’t want to put down this bar after trying it. Can’t stop!


Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt 

Jeni’s Take: OMG.  I .. wha…’s…. this chocolate seriously has me speechless.  I absolutely LOVE the sea salt in this.  Seriously perfect amount and nice, big grains, too.  I don’t pick up on much caramel, but it IS sweeter than the milk chocolate.  It’s an amazing combination!

Jason’s Take: This chocolate is absolutely amazing. Mouthwatering. Leaves you wanting more. Like Jeni, I don’t really pick up on the caramel aspect of it, but it’s definitely a lot sweeter than the original milk chocolate. You immediately pick up on the sea salt and it’s the perfect amount. Yum!

Milk Chocolate Honey Almond Nougat 

Jeni’s Take:  I love honey, almond and nougat!  This bar has a ton of crunch in it, which is really fun!  I honestly don’t know if it’s the almond or nougat giving it that crunch, but it’s freaking delightful!  I’m having trouble finding the honey flavor, but it doesn’t even matter because I LOVE THIS! It’s a very creative and delicious blend.

Jason’s Take: This bar packs a crunch and I love it!  I honestly wish there was a bit more honey flavor featured in the bar, but the almond nougat makes up for it. I am a big fan of chocolate that features some crunch, and this one definitely does not disappoint.

Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt

Jeni’s Take:  Ohhhhhh yah.  Now, I’ve said it before and will say it again – I don’t like dark chocolate because it’s bitter.  But DANG they do dark chocolate right at Tony’s!  It’s not even bitter, like at all.  The large almond pieces and sea salt really do make this chocolate stand out and taste fancy & decadent.

Jason’s Take: Never ever have been a fan of dark chocolate, but it doesn’t mean I don’t mind it. This is probably the BEST dark chocolate that I have ever had! The almond pieces can’t be missed. As Jeni pointed out, they are a bit on the larger side. The sea salt pairs perfectly with the dark chocolate. If you love dark chocolate, you absolutely will not be disappointed in this!

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut

Jeni’s Take: Hazelnut is one of my favorite flavors for just about anything.  And these BIG pieces of actual hazelnut nuts in the perfect milk chocolate is heavenly. This is a bar I would totally bring into the bubble bath with me, and nibble on between sips of merlot.  It’s seriously awesome.

Jason’s Take: Omg. Omg. Omg. Can’t say omg enough. Hazelnut fans will LOVE this chocolate!!! The big chunks of hazelnut combine perfectly with the milk chocolate, leaving you wanting more. This chocolate should be a national treasure. A must for hazelnut fans!

Dark Chocolate Pecan Coconut 

Jeni’s Take: It took a second to really get the blend of flavors, but after it goes soft in my mouth for a second, BOOM! POW! KABOOZLE!   That coconut is definitely prominent and offers a lovely, milky, sweet freshness.  The big pieces of pecans set it off, though – this is the perfect combination for a dark chocolate bar!

Jason’s Take: You all probably already know this about me, but I LOVE coconut flavor in my chocolate. You immediately pick up on it, and the slightly bitter taste of the dark chocolate ties it all together so that the coconut isn’t too overpowering. Not to mention, you get big chunks of pecans. Yum!

Dark Chocolate

Jeni’s Take: I don’t know what these guys do to their dark chocolate…. but I’m in love.  And I’m the girl that normally throws out the dark covered chocolate candies in a mixed box.  Their dark chocolate is smooth and powerful with a strong chocolate flavor that doesn’t have that bitter aftertaste. It’s just a bold chocolate!

Jason’s Take: Dark chocolate fans — this is a must. Classic dark chocolate. Not much to say here other than the fact that it’s simply perfect. You can’t go wrong here if you are in the mood for some quality dark chocolate! It’s not too bitter and the flavor is bold.

White Chocolate Raspberry Popping Candy

Jeni’s Take:  What in the world did I just eat!?  Is it a piece of Heaven?  Is it fairy unicorn princess mermaid dust?  This is SO UNIQUE!  The white chocolate is subtle and milky.  And then the punch of tangy, slightly sour raspberry comes BURSTING out!  The popping candies popped on my tongue as it melted… it was SO fun to eat and absolutely delicious!

Jason’s Take: WOAH!!! This is so unique. First off, the white chocolate aspect is AMAZING. They nailed the white chocolate flavor. You immediately pick up on raspberry, that compliments the white chocolate so well. A few seconds in, the popping candy begins to go off in your mouth. It’s like a party in your mouth! I couldn’t stop eating this bar, but forced myself so I could let my nieces and nephews try it. So fun to eat. And absolutely delicious!

You know that phrase, “fat and happy”?  That’s us right now.  Our bellies are bulging and our smiles are permanent.  Tony’s, once again, did not disappoint us with their incredible chocolates.  Not only is the chocolate absolutely incredible on its own… the flavor combinations they come up with are brilliant, unique and delicious.  They scored big with the new flavors, that’s for sure!

Wanna be fat and happy like us?  Just check out Tony’s Chocolonely and get your own damn chocolate bars. These are ours. We don’t share.

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