Smartfood Popcorn Flamin’ Hot White Cheddar Review

I am a spicy food wimp.   That was significantly explained and defined with my Taco Bell Diablo Chips review.  The problem I find is that with super hot foods, all I can taste is the heat – I don’t get any real “flavor” from them. Everything is masked by the fire-like Hell of the spicy components, leaving my mouth blazing and my ass burning.  However, Smartfood White Cheddar is one of my favorite popcorns in all the land.

Smartfood Flamin’ Hot White Cheddar is mysteriously curious to me… and I’m intrigued enough to review it.  I risk being disappointed by an amazing popcorn brand, and overwhelmed by the fires of Mordor in my mouth.  But it’s popcorn, so it’s worth it.

If you are familiar with the sweet, sweet scent of Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn, you know that it’s oddly tangy and incredibly hypnotizing. This Flamin’ Hot White Cheddar doesn’t disappoint.  In fact, I barely smell spiciness at all – just a bolder classic Smartfood scent.  A few more whiffs brings out that kick a little bit.

Flamin’ hot cheese.  That isn’t too intimidating.  I love nacho cheese, and that’s often a little spicy.  I popped a single kernel in my mouth and immediately knew that this was no nacho cheese replica.  No, sir.  This is freaking FLAMIN’ HOT.  Surprisingly, it’s a comfortable spiciness.  It’s not too much and definitely isn’t overpowering the classic white cheddar flavor.  In fact, I can taste both components of this popcorn! Don’t get me wrong, though – it’s pretty spicy.

This doesn’t disappoint.  That “white cheddar” is actually a clever mix of cheddar cheese and romano cheese…and I can definitely taste it just behind that spicy kick.  This actually reminds me a bit of buffalo sauce and bleu cheese.  The cheese tames the spiciness down a bit, and blends well with the tang that the cheese offers.

I’m definitely not trading in my classic Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn.  And, honestly, I probably wouldn’t buy this again…. only because I prefer the milder, flamin’ hot-free version.  But for a popcorn lover that digs flamin’ hot snacks – this is definitely a winner!  Your hands might end up with red powder covering them… but your mouth and ass should be just fine 🙂

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