Hostess Orange Crème Pop Twinkies Review

Certain flavors really identify summer.  You have your fair and carnival favorites like funnel cake, root beer floats and cotton candy.  There are the BBQ flavors like hot dogs, lemonade and watermelon.  And of course, we can’t forget the frozen and frosty treats like cherry limeade, grape slushies, and orange creamsicles.

In fact, that orange cream/orange creme/orange creamsicle trend is really starting to gain some traction. We’ve seen a serious rise in this trend since last summer, and it’s not stopping.  Here are just some of the new products featuring this flavor:

So, it’s no surprise that Hostess jumped on board with their Orange Crème Pop Twinkies.  The news of these leaked a while ago, so they’ve been long awaited and highly anticipated.  After the absolutely amazing flavors we’ve tried lately (like the Cotton Candy, Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint), I’m ridiculously excited about this one! It needs to embrace the tropical side with the fruity orange, and the cool, comfy and creamy side with the vanilla.  THAT will make it an orange crème pop, for me.

As soon as I unwrapped one, I could smell the classic Twinkie – but with an added little zest of sweetness.  That gave me hope.  One bite in, and I’m in Heaven.  You guys – this legit encompasses exactly what an orange creamsicle should taste like!  It’s citrusy and fresh, with that milkiness from the crème…. yep.  This is spot on.  I absolutely LOVE that Hostess didn’t make this a simple orange Twinkie and try to pass that off as orange crème.  It’s pretty damn tasty, and reminds me of an orange creamsicle, for sure.

I was a little taken off guard by the incredibly fake orange color of the crème inside, to be honest.  I know it shouldn’t shock me, knowing the history of what to expect from the inside of Twinkies, and the fact that these are basically just tubes of sugar, filled with creamy sugar.  It’s a weird orange, though. It’s almost like a neon salmon color. I’ve seen this color before – at the country club where my family went during the summers in California.  The men wore Izod polo shirts this color.  It’s an awkward choice for the center of a Twinkie, but I’m ok with it because it tastes so yummy.

I’m down for this Twinkie.  They nailed that classic flavor combination of orange and vanilla, and brought the best of summer into their classic spongey cakes.  Although you don’t get that cooling sensation you’ll get from a real creamsicle, it’s the next best thing. Plus, these don’t drip… unless you’re eating a Twinkie wrong.


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