Cracker Jack Birthday Cake Popcorn Review

Land of the free, home of the….birthday cake popcorn! Cracker Jack gets into the birthday cake game with the launch of this new Cracker Jack Birthday Cake Popcorn. It’s not only for fans of birthday cake… it’s for any patriotic American too, apparently. This popcorn is coated with read and blue sprinkles, and the bag screams 4th of July! Which kinda threw me off… birthday cake isn’t necessary associated with the 4th of July, but in a way, I guess it could since it is America’s birthday, after all.

I’m a birthday cake snacks kind of dude. It’s one snack trend that I don’t mind sticking around forever. Birthday cake popcorn immediately caught my attention. There’s no word whether or not this is a limited-edition flavor, but my guess is yes, since the bag is incredibly patriotic. The smell of the popcorn is reminiscent of birthday cake. I smell mostly vanilla frosting, which is a good sign!

Vanilla frosting is just one element of the birthday cake flavor. Sadly, I only pick up on vanilla frosting taste in this popcorn. I’m not incredibly disappointed, since vanilla frosting is a component of birthday cake, but it is somewhat of a letdown. I’m not picking up on any of the buttery yellowcake flavor that most birthday cakes feature. I just get an overly sweet vanilla frosting taste.

I ate nearly the entire bag to gather my thoughts. To see if I would eventually pick up on a closer birthday cake flavor. Unfortunately, it’s just vanilla frosting.

Each piece is covered in a good amount of blue and red sprinkles, so these would make a great snack to offer your guests to your summer parties! However, I don’t necessary know if I would recommend these to buy just to snack on. They aren’t nasty, but they aren’t amazing.

Land of the free, home of the….not-so-spot-on birthday cake popcorn!

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