Organic OCHO Candy Review

Candy is delicious.  True.
The older you get, the more you have to watch what you eat. Stupid, but true.
Organic food usually tastes like tree bark or cardboard.  Super true. 

OCHO Candy totally gets that there hasn’t been a surplus of organic candy bars that taste great. Natural foods generally taste… well, natural.  Candy shouldn’t taste like nature.  But can an organic candy bar really taste like the classic candy bars we all know and love?  OCHO Candy thinks so. And after reading their mission-like statement, we see that OCHO Candy and Snack Gator have a lot in common. This gives us hope – if they love their candy bars so much, there’s a good chance we will, too.

Let’s compare what OCHO Candy believes, to what Snack Gator believes: 

At OCHO Candy:

We believe that organic can be and should be delicious.

We believe candy bars should be beautiful inside and out.

We believe old school candy bars should be made with new school common sense-keep the ingredients real and the artificial out.

We believe in saying what we mean and making what we say.

We believe in democratizing our candy bars-everyone deserves to enjoy organic candy at a good value.

At Snack Gator:

We believe that if it’s delicious, we will eat it.

We believe candy bars are sexy.

We believe old school candy bars are yummy, but we aren’t getting younger, so new school ingredients make more sense.

We believe in saying what we mean and eating everything on our plates.

We believe in being loud and obnoxious – everyone deserves to enjoy the Gator.

Now, let’s break into these babies and see if an organic candy bar can trick us into thinking it’s an “old school” candy bar.  Since neither of us is too concerned with an organic diet, and generally steer clear of natural foods (tree bark), we’re skeptical. BUT because our believes line us so well with OCHO Candy, we’re keeping an open mind.

Coconut – Dark chocolate filled with coconut

Jason’s Take: Coconut in chocolate is one of my favorite combos, although I do have a hard time finding a bar that I enjoy. OCHO nailed this one. The dark chocolate perfectly balances the coconut and it’s simply amazing. The coconut tastes like fresh coconut and it’s delicious. It’s no surprise why this is their best seller!

Jeni’s Take:  I’m not a dark chocolate fan.  Generally, I find it bitter and yucky. But this is dark chocolate is creamy and has a slight bitter note to it that I actually enjoy!  And the milky, sweet coconut combined with it is absolutely heavenly. Seriously LOVING this and have changed my mind on dark chocolate now!

Caramel & Peanut – Nougat, caramel & peanuts covered in milk chocolate

Jason’s Take: If you’re a fan Snickers, trust me — you’ll love this. Smooth caramel, crunchy peanuts, and a rich peanut butter nougat. It’s loaded with caramel and peanuts and I can’t get enough of this bar!

Jeni’s Take: Uh… hello Snickers!  This is honestly better than Snickers. It has all of the components: nougat, caramel, peanuts and chocolate.  But this chocolate isn’t waxy.  And the nougat has a TON more of that sweet vanilla flavor in the nougat.  I am absolutely sold on this and honestly would prefer this over a Snickers.  That’s saying a LOT.

Dark Chocolate PB – Peanut butter center covered in dark chocolate

Jason’s Take: This dark chocolate stands out in this bar in a great way. After a few seconds, the peanut butter kicks in and it makes for a great combination. The rich, dark chocolate is filled with chunky peanut butter and it’s heavenly.

Jeni’s Take:  I love the saltiness in this candy bar!  This peanut butter is LEGIT.  It blends so nicely with the slightly bitter dark chocolate, too.  In fact, most chocolate and dark peanut butter candies are lacking in that salty peanut taste.  But this really nails is and I can taste both flavors equally.  YUM!

Peanut Butter – Milk chocolate filled with peanut butter

Jason’s Take: OMG! MY FAVORITE! Milk chocolate and peanut butter make for the best combination ever and I don’t think anyone can dispute that (unless you are allergic to peanut butter). The bar is STUFFED with amazingly creamy peanut butter and the peanut butter is what truly shines. Don’t get me wrong, the chocolate is just as amazing, but boy oh boy, this is some quality peanut butter filling.

Jeni’s Take:  NOW we’re talking!  Holy moly this is absolutely DIVINE!!!  OCHO’s milk chocolate is serious chocolate, you guys.  It’s super duper creamy without that waxy consistency or flavor.  Speaking of flavor, it LASTS.  Most chocolate bars lose that chocolate taste after you swallow.  I love the super delicious aftertaste that lingers with these!

PB&J – Milk chocolate filled with peanut butter & raspberry jam

Jason’s Take: Peanut butter & jelly… in chocolate form? SIGN ME UP! The creamy peanut butter is layered beneath sweet raspberry filling. I seriously cannot get enough of this bar. It’s unique, and at the same time, tastes exactly how you’d expect it to taste. I am still amazed that all ingredients are organic.

Jeni’s Take:  What are they doing to me!?!  OCHO – I think I love you. This is absolutely brilliant and SO DELICIOUS!!  I can’t even describe how amazing this candy bar truly is.  The jam is tart & sweet and sits on top of the salty & creamy peanut butter.  And they are ridiculously tasty covered in that glorious milk chocolate. I’m LOVING this one.

Caramel – Milk chocolate filled with caramel

Jason’s Take: Caramel is dang right. The second you bite into this, the caramel comes oozing out! The classic creamy caramel pairs so perfectly with the milk chocolate. The caramel isn’t too sticky like some other brands. Absolutely fantastic!

Jeni’s Take:  I want to bathe in this caramel.  I want to pour it on my body and then just lay in its magnificence.  I know – it’s extreme.  But seriously, this caramel is beautiful.  Brown sugary, slightly nutty and thick, but slowly runs out of the milky chocolate when you bite into it.  It has a faint hint of salt in there, which is PERFECT! SO GOOD!

Dark Chocolate Caramel – Dark chocolate filled with salted caramel

Jason’s Take: Take my review above, and apply it here. Absolutely fantastic! The dark chocolate and the slightly saltier caramel go together so well. They definitely did this right. I prefer the milk chocolate slightly more, but it is a tough call…this one is also a treasure.

Jeni’s Take: That amazing caramel is now inside the dark chocolate, and I honestly can’t decide which I like more-  the dark or milk chocolate.  They both offer such crazy different flavor combinations, because now the caramel takes on a deeper, darker, saltier tone with the dark chocolate.  This is REALLY tasty!

Peppermint – Dark chocolate filled with peppermint

Jason’s Take: Wow! I never was a fan of peppermint chocolate, but I guess that is because I have never had quality peppermint chocolate! This is SO GOOD! The cool peppermint creme covered in the dark chocolate makes for a refreshing combination. The peppermint stands out and isn’t too overpowering, making it enjoyable for everyone. I ate three pieces right away, and just ate another as I am writing this. Big fan!

Jeni’s Take:  Move over, York Peppermint Patties.  These are absolutely kicking your ass!  I think it’s that amazing dark chocolate that I now love, AND the organic peppermint that makes a huge difference.  It has a super fresh, cold flavor – not that chemically taste from processed peppermint.  Huge difference = HUGE LOVE!

These all come in either individually wrapped minis, or candy bar form.  No matter how you prefer candy, you NEED this in your life.  OCHO Candy seriously surprised us!  Blindfold us and feed us any of these candies, and we’d never, ever, ever guess they are organic. Seriously, this is impressive, because as Snack Gator, we KNOW candy.  The flavors and textures are incredible and genuinely taste like classic candy bars. Who knew you could have something that’s better for you, but tastes just as good (if not better)?!

Check out OCHO Candy online to learn more about them, and check the Store Locator to run out and grab some of your own. Because we aren’t sharing.


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