Froot Loops Birthday Cake Cereal Review

There are several flavor themes that come in hard core, then stick around for the long haul.  These are the classics. In the junk food industry, we see this quite often.  Cookies n Creme – always a winner.  Salted Caramel – generically exciting.  Whatever flavor “unicorn” is – that’ll take first prize for sure.  S’mores – used to be a fall season only flavor, but seems to be reaching its arms a little further in both directions. Creamsicle (or Orange Cream) – the fun, quickly emerging flavor we’re seeing more of lately.

And of course, there’s birthday cake.  Kellogg’s jumped on the birthday cake bandwagon a couple of years ago in Canada.  Now, the US is lucky enough to score the new limited edition Froot Loops Birthday Cake Cereal. They could take their time because, like those other popular flavors, birthday cake isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Birthday cake flavor is a classic.  It ignites nostalgia for the times when our parents would slowly walk into the room with a huge, white cake, illuminated with candles.  Those were the days, when you got loads of toys and gifts, ate all the cake you wanted, and didn’t have to pay bills.  It’s a sweet, vanilla-y, butter-y cake that’s really not different from any other white cake… other than the colorful sprinkles on it and extra frosting. But somehow, the term “birthday cake” evokes a lot more enthusiasm than “white cake.”

I was pretty excited about this Froot Loops.  After reviewing the Wild Berry Froot Loops, I have high expectations.  And then I saw it… the words just under “Birthday Cake” on the box.  It says, “Strawberry Birthday Cake.”  WTF is “Strawberry Birthday Cake”??  Birthday cake is white, with sprinkles, with twice as much frosting as there is cake – THAT is birthday cake. Strawberry birthday cake is a thing?  Ugh.  This isn’t going to be as exciting as I thought.

I opened the box, and BOOM!  Strawberry.  Super sweet, artificially flavored strawberry pounded my nose.  It’s STRONG.  So, there are yellow, pink and purple rings… excuse me, loops in the cereal.  I like the color choices.  I tasted a few dry, and they are actually quite tasty.  They taste more like Strawberry Starburst, topped with Cool Whip.  In fact, that’s pretty much exactly how I would describe it. Starbursts and Cool Whip… which definitely explains the super sweetness of the cereal.

With milk, the flavor isn’t enhanced at all.  It does make them “creamier” and therefore, taste a little more like frosting or cake.  I actually prefer these dry, because they got soggy really quickly.  And I don’t know if it was the almond milk I used or if those Rice Krispies guys were in my bowl, but this stuff seriously *snaps* *crackles* and *pops* a lot.

All in all, it’s a delicious cereal.  It’s definitely not what I would classify as classic birthday cake.  It’s not like any other birthday cake product out there, that’s for sure.  And strawberry birthday cake is just stupid.  If it’s a strawberry cake someone wanted for their birthday, that doesn’t mean it is granted entrance into the elite Birthday Cake Flavor Club. What’s next? Lemon Birthday Cake? Kellogg’s is either trying to make a new thing, or trying a different take on a classic. Remember Fergie’s embarrassing take on the classic National Anthem?  It wasn’t cute or pretty. Leave the classics alone. They are classics for a  REASON.

It’s a great cereal, super sweet, and tastes like Strawberry Starbursts and Cool Whip. It’s not birthday cake, gets soggy fast, and is a limited edition.  I guess those two sentences could have been the entire review.  But what fun is that? Classic Jeni reviews are ramblings.  And I like to keep it classic. 🙂

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  • I eat strawberry cake for my birthday quite often. ??‍♀️ Yes it is a thing! And it’s very delicious and not stupid. Smh. Maybe you should try it sometimes and not belittle people’s likes.

    • Awesome! Maybe you should lighten up and realize it’s just a review of a cereal for entertainment- and not take it so personally. Seriously, darlin’ – it’ll be ok. Just breathe.

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