Drumstick Classic Vanilla and Mint Chocolate Cereals Review

Ice cream cereal isn’t anything new.  The late 80s brought us the amazing Ice Cream Cones Cereal in Chocolate Chip and Vanilla flavors. That was so popular, it made a throwback comeback in 2003. Cocoa Puffs introduced their version with Cocoa Puffs Ice Cream Scoops just a couple of years ago.  In 2015, Ice Cream Pebbles – Rainbow Sherbet came out, offering a unique twist on Fruity Pebbles. Of course, we all remember the most recent Dippin’ Dots Cereal

All of these incredibly delicious ice cream flavored or themed cereals make it difficult to get too jazzed about the new Drumstick Classic Vanilla and Drumstick Mint Chocolate cereals. My expectations aren’t high.  I’m expecting a pretty predictable cereal… but hoping that I’m proven wrong and blown away with these.

I do love Drumstick ice cream cones, that’s for sure.  But finding a way to get that milky, creamy flavor of ice cream into a crunchy cereal has proven pretty difficult in the past. If you aren’t familiar, a Drumstick is ice cream inside of a waffle cone, and coated with chocolate. I don’t think that mixing “cone cereal pieces”, “cocoa nuggets” and “ice cream flavored scoops” will genuinely make me relive eating a Drumstick.  But let’s dive in anyway!

I opened the box of Drumstick Classic Vanilla first.  Immediately, I smelled graham cracker.  Unmistakable graham cracker.  Apparently, these are the waffle cone pieces… and after tasting one, I can testify that they are, in fact, just graham cracker pieces. They are delicious, for sure – graham crackers coated in sugar – hell YES!  But they definitely don’t represent a Drumstick waffle cone.

The cocoa nuggets are yummy – basically Cocoa Puffs on a smaller scale. Once again, they are great, but I absolutely do not identify the chocolate in the cereal with the chocolate coating on a Drumstick.  Now for the really tricky one – the vanilla ice cream flavored pieces.  I took a few and ate them dry.  They taste like vanilla cereal.  Nowhere near a sweet, vanilla, milky ice cream flavor.

Drumstick Mint Chocolate cereal is the same ingredients – just replace the vanilla cereal for a mint cereal piece.  These actually have a lot more flavor, without being overwhelmingly minty.  I like these a lot!  I’m not sure how I feel about a mint cereal… but I’m totally game for it.

Trying all three pieces from each box of cereal really didn’t replicate eating a Drumstick at all. And the graham cracker pieces really overwhelm the vanilla, cocoa and mint pieces.  If I had to pick a favorite between the two, it’s definitely the Mint Chocolate.  I like the mint pieces individually, and love them when combined with the cocoa puff and waffle cone pieces.

Adding milk offered a bit more of that creaminess I wanted from ice cream. It also allowed the flavors to blend really well and amped them up a little more.  I definitely prefer to eat this with milk, as opposed to dry.  My hesitations of a mint-flavored cereal are long gone now, because with or without milk, this is really tasty and it just works.  Plus, having three flavors in each bite is really fun!

If you’re looking for a great cereal that reminds you of Drumstick ice cream cones – you won’t find it here. It’s predictably not authentic to its namesake.  However, they are pretty damn tasty cereals, and I would buy both of them again, for sure.  The graham cracker pieces are definitely reminiscent of Golden Grahams. In fact, I’m not convinced that General Mills didn’t just throw  Golden Grahams in this cereal – and I’m totally ok with that!  Buy them, enjoy them, and come back to leave your review so we know what you thought!


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  • Been wanting to try these…I was disappointing in the Chips Ahoy cereal so I have been hesitant on getting these.

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