Cotton candy.  Its iconic flavor is unmistakable, even if it’s difficult to describe.  It offers a caramelized taste with cooked berry flavor… bubble gum with a vanilla tint…taffy with a melted candy corn touch.  No matter how you characterize the flavor of cotton candy, you know it when you taste it.

Before getting to the review, I wanted to share some fun facts about cotton candy.  It’s a pretty interesting treat!

  • It was first sold at the 1904 World’s Fair -that’s 115 year ago, if you hate doing math in your head. Holy crap, that’s a long history!
  • Sugar is the only ingredient needed to make cotton candy (flavors can be added).
  • A dentist invented cotton candy.  Smart marketing plan to get more clients!
  • The threads of cotton candy are thinner than a human hair.  Gross comparison, interesting fact.
  • The Guiness Book of World Records for the longest cotton candy is 1,400 meters long.  That’s like 13 football fields. It took 6 hours to make.
  • Cotton candy has cool names around the world.  In Australia- fairy floss.  In France – barbe à papa – papa’s beard. In the Netherlands – suikerspin – sugar spider.  And in England, they call it candy floss.

So, Cap’n Crunch recently released a new Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch Cereal.  And I couldn’t hold in my excitement! I love cotton candy, and Cap’n Crunch, is, of course, my favorite cereal.  This one is a bit different, because you don’t get the normal Cap’n Crunch bits in there.  It looks like blue and pink Crunchberries are the entire cereal.  And I’m OK with that. Blue raspberry and pink vanilla were the original first two flavors of cotton candy (and still the most popular) so the color choices make sense.

Holy crap, this is amazing! It’s like cotton candy plus Crunchberries… making the perfect blend.  Oddly enough, since cotton candy has that slight jam, fruity flavor in it, the Crunchberries really are the best match for them!  It has that super sweet, caramel/vanilla flavor of classic cotton candy. This totally reminds me of walking around the fair!  And it also has the iconic Crunchberries taste that is comforting and delicious. Together, it tastes like a vacation at home.  They did a great job of combining new and old.

Adding the milk really didn’t enhance the flavors.  It did make it easier to eat – the roof of my mouth wasn’t getting torn up from the Crunchberries when they were drenched.  I could eat this dry or with milk – either way, it’s super yummy!

I’m all about this new flavor. Cotton candy was a great choice, and I truly believe they nailed the flavor.  It’s DELICIOUS!  Plus, once you open the box, the scents will continue to waft out, after you close it.  I had it in my pantry, and now my entire pantry smells like sweet, sweet cotton candy.  I kind of want to crawl in there and take a nap.


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