We love chips.  No, wait.  We freaking LOVE chips. Potato, tortilla, corn, whatever Cheetos are made of – we love them all.  We’re all about the wavy kind, the super crunchy kind, the fat and loaded with flavor kind – any kind.  Out of every possible snack food item floating out there in the world today, we agree on the same as our favorite: CHIPS!  And we’ve tried a LOT of chip brands…but we hadn’t had Luke’s Organic. Until now.

Luke’s Organic actually has a really rad story behind the company.  So, apparently, throughout their families, there are a bunch of dudes named, “Luke.”  And instead of coming up with some kitchy, cutsie name, they decided to collectively honor the real guys (Lukes) that made the business a reality. And the business is awesome – they make gluten free, organic, non-gmo snacks, including CHIPS!

Let’s break open some bags and start snacking to give these babies a try:


Cheddar Clouds (White Cheddar Cheese Puffs)

Jeni’s Take:  mmmmm!  These have a great crunch to them!  I really like that white cheddar punch of flavor, too.  It’s got a great creamy/tangy taste and the aftertaste is really yummy, too.  I love these and would totally buy them on a regular basis.

Jason’s Take: These are heavenly and make for an instant hit for both kids and adults. If you’ve ever had Annie’s brand cheddar puffs, and thought those were good…wait until you’ve tried these. The white cheddar definitely stands out and you simply cannot stop eating them.

Kettle Style Korean BBQ Spicy Cochujang Sauce

Jeni’s Take:  I’m all about kettle style chips, and love new flavors.  However, I’m not a spicy fan at all, so this one didn’t have a chance with me.  One chip and my throat was on fire… I’m sure if you love spicy stuff, you’ll love these, though!

Jason’s Take: These are BOLD and delicious! They truly give off that Korean BBQ vibe. As a spicy snack fanatic, I am all about these. The heat is pretty intense and builds up as you eat more!

SuperFood (Sweet Potato, Hemp & Buckwheat)

Jeni’s Take: This took me by surprise.  I don’t like sweet potatoes.  I don’t like hemp and I don’t like buckwheat.  But I freaking LOVE these chips!  Holy crapoly these are delicious!  I don’t know how they do it, but they put three foods I really don’t like into one amazing chip.  I’m all about these and their unique flavor.

Jason’s Take: I’m going to be honest. I was not expecting much from these chips because I’m not much a fan of multigrain and seed chips. Luke’s Organic has proved me wrong – these are simply delicious. The simple ingredients all come together to make for a delicious snack. I’m legit amazed how good these are!


Jeni’s Take:  Whoa.  Wait a minute.  Hold up.  I had to check the bag 3 times to make sure I was eating the kale chips.  Again – not a nutritious freak, so kale is NOT something I eat. But these chips are pretty awesome.  They are like a light tortilla chip with barely any kale flavor at all somehow!  I like these and the nutty aftertaste from the seeds!

Jason’s Take: Jason and kale normally do not go together. With one exception. If they are Luke’s Organic Kale chips! Eat them straight, with cheese, or a dip. You don’t pick up on the kale much at all but it’s definitely present in the chips, and it works so perfectly with the gain and seed blend also present.

Potato Chips Sea Salt

Jeni’s Take: Now we’re talkin’!  This is an absolutely delicious, perfect potato chip.  It’s like the model potato chip that every other chip should aim to be. It’s crunchy and starchy with a beautiful salty flavor.  These are legit and might be one of my all-time favorite brands of regular potato chips now.

Jason’s Take: I LOVE a classic potato chip and Luke’s Organic knows how to please me! These thick cut potato chips are all that I ever dreamed of in the perfect chip. With the perfect touch of sea salt, I am an instant fan. Brb while I buy a case of these real quick!

Cheddar Lightening Bolts! 

Jeni’s Take: So these are a Cheetos-type chip.  I love the crunch and the cheddar is like POW! BAM! BOOM! in your face.  That’s some serious cheddar right there!  They are more flavorful than Cheetos, for sure, and the fact that they are gluten free and organic means a lot more people can enjoy them!  In fact, they are better than Cheetos, in my opinion.

Jason’s Take: Frito-Lay better be worried! These are SO FREAKING GOOD!!!! I could just end it at that but I want to make sure you know just how good these are. Bold cheddar, a ton of seasoning, and a big crunch. Plus, Cheetos aren’t organic and these are. Luke’s Organic, I love you!

Protein (Blue Corn & Red Lentil)

Jeni’s Take:  Daaaaaaaaang, Luke!  They really know how to nail an amazing tortilla chip!  I don’t know what blue corn is, and have never had red lentils, but I love these chips.  They are so unique, I can’t even describe the flavor, other than a better, bolder tortilla chip flavor.  Plus, they are a neat blue/black color 🙂

Jason’s Take: Luke’s Organic is not only going for Frito-Lay, but they are also going after Late July! If you’ve ever tried Late July’s blue corn chips, you’ll LOVE these. They red lentils really make these chips so much better. These are perfect for dipping since they are on the thicker side. Personally, I am eating these just as they are because they’re delicious. As an added bonus, these chips contain a nice 5g of protein per serving!

Kettle Style Thai Green Curry

Jeni’s Take:  Ok, I know I’m sounding like a little picky princess here, but I don’t like curry and I don’t like Thai food.  However, these chips have a beautiful lime flavor that I actually enjoyed a lot.  I’m not a fan of the chip in general because of the curry, but the lime aftertaste was nice!

Jason’s Take: You either love or hate curry. I am on the hate side of that, but I somehow love these chips. The curry isn’t too overwhelming and the the jalapeno pepper powder and the citrusy aftertaste are what I enjoyed the most about these!

Firestorm Lightening Bolts! 

Jeni’s Take: Those Cheddar Lightening Bolts! were so amazing, I figured that the spicy version would be just as good, even though, as you know – I’m a picky princess and don’t like spicy.  My mouth was on FIRE after just one, however, I did pick up on the cheddar flavor.  That’s rare because once spicy hits me, flavor disappears with most foods.

Jason’s Take: Alright. I am in heaven. If you’ve ever had Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, I honestly don’t see how you can go back to eating them once you’ve tried these. They are SO MUCH BETTER!!! These contain habanero peppers, which explains how they are so incredibly spicy. Just delicious and ferociously hot. Do not eat these if you aren’t a spicy food fanatic, or if the heat level in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos is spicy to you.

Kettle Style Barbecue

Jeni’s Take: Seriously.  SERIOUSLY? How can one company nail so many amazing flavors of chips?  This Barbecue chip is absolutely perfect.  It’s kettle style, so you get that amazing crunch, and the barbecue flavor gives you garlic, onion, paprika, tomato…. and a beautiful sweet little kick at the end.  These are a perfect barbecue chip.

Jason’s Take: A thick cut chip, loaded with classic barbecue seasoning. Game over. This barbecue chip by Luke’s Organic should be crowned the king of all barbecue chips. The seasoning is a bit on the sweeter side, which I am a huge fan of. Can’t get enough of these!

White Truffle & Sea Salt Potato Chips

Jeni’s Take:  As a regular meat and potatoes gal, I don’t know wtf a truffle tastes like.  I didn’t like the smell from the bag – it’s a weird, indescribable smell. But the chips are pretty yummy and I actually enjoy them a lot!  That truffle flavor is pretty damn delicious and I feel pretty fancy eating these.

Jason’s Take: Like Jeni, I have NO idea what truffles taste like. But if this is what they taste like, I am a big fan! These are unique and feature a somewhat earthy taste to them when you first bite into them, followed by the sea salt aspect. I’m a fan!

Kettle Style Ketchup with Mustard & Pickles

Jeni’s Take:  Holy mother of chips!!!  What in the WORLD did I just eat?!  It’s absolutely DELICIOUS!  It tastes like a hot dog and I want to eat the entire bag! Wait… no it tastes like a cheeseburger.  Either way, I’m in love and will definitely be buying these again!  It’s authentically ketchup, mustard and pickle in one glorious chip.  And it’s incredible.

Jason’s Take: These smell like a classic McDonald’s burger…and they taste like one TOO!! Unbelievable how well they nailed this flavor. I LOVE ketchup chips, and it’s so hard to find a good bag. Not only do you get ketchup, but you instantly pick up on mustard AND pickle flavors as well. Not to mention, these are LOADED with seasoning…they are SO GOOD! I cannot get enough. I’ll be ordering a case of these.

Clearly, you have a ton of choices when it comes to Luke’s Organic.  Plus, even if you aren’t a gluten free, organic or non-gmo eater – these chips are badass! This definitely filled our crunchy, snack lovin’ desires, that’s for sure.  The flavors were unique and absolutely incredible and the chips were super high quality.  To be very honest, we were VERY pleasantly surprised by a lot of these.

If you love chips, you’ll love Luke’s.  If you have Celiac Disease, you just found a great snack you can eat.  And if you love supporting really cool families that randomly have a bunch of guys with the same name in it – you’ll love Luke’s Organic. Basically, you’ll love this company, because we do… and kinda want to change our names to “Luke” now.

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