Hazelnut Spread M&M’s Review

Mars took the world by storm back  in September when they announced they would be releasing Hazelnut Spread M&M’s. Essentially, these would be Nutella M&M’s without using the name “Nutella” due to the trademark. We waited a whopping SIX months until these were released. They teased us with the announcement, and kept us waiting for half a freaking year for these Hazelnut Spread M&M’s. The M&M’s character on the bag is even holding a jar of what appears to be Nutella. So yes, it’s safe to say these are based of the infamous Nutella spread we all love.

That means I probably don’t have to review these M&M’s, right? If they are Nutella M&M’s, these HAVE to be amazing, right? Wrong. As soon as I ripped the bag open, I noticed how the M&M’s are slightly bigger in size. I figured that is because it contains a massive amount of hazelnut spread inside. You know, that creamy, dark, and rich spread we all love. Nope. The hazelnut center in these is a much lighter color and is far from having the same consistency as Nutella. It’s not creamy, for one. And most importantly, it’s not Nutella-like at all.

Sadly, M&M’s could’ve done a lot better with this highly anticipated flavor. It’s not nasty by any means — I still enjoyed them — but they aren’t what we thought they would be. To me, they taste like ordinary M&M’s with a a hazelnut aftertaste. Yes, the hazelnut flavor is present, but it’s so muted you have to eat a few to pick up on it. Nutella has a bold hazelnut taste and these are nowhere close to that bold hazelnut flavor. Enjoyable, yes. But just imagine, if M&M’s actually did this right, just how amazing that would be. Nutella in the middle of an M&M’s would be a goldmine. I would literally give M&M’s all of my money for that, and I expected to with these. You bet that these will be the only bag I buy. They are just too similar to ordinary M&M’s. These don’t stand out at all to me.

They legit had SIX months to perfect these. I think that’s what is the most frustrating part about it. You wouldn’t think it would be that hard to replicate a Nutella center. It’s a sad day for the snack world…

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