Dr. Pepper Dark Berry Review

We’ve certainly been seeing a bump in the soda industry, with fruity flavors abound. Coke released the Orange Vanilla earlier this year.  Diet Coke updated their lineup with four new fruity flavors. Pepsi is launching 3 new flavors this year: blueberry, mango and lime (we’ll keep you updated on that). And now, Dr. Pepper decided to join the flavor game.  But this time, it’s truly unique.

Dark Berry implies a very mysterious and inviting mix of flavors. So, what exactly are “dark” berries?  That’s blackberry, black currant and black cherry.  Hot damn, that sounds amazing! I’m a big dark berry fan. Forget those wimpy red berries like strawberries and raspberries.  Give me something bold and strong. Give me DARK BERRIES!!

I unscrewed the top of the bottle, and took a big, fat whiff.  Holy moly, this seriously smells absolutely delicious.  It also stays true to the name.  It smells like a combination of those dark berries.  Honestly, I’m not too familiar with black currant, although I’ve had black currant jam before once or twice.  I couldn’t pick the flavor out of a lineup, though.  However, I most definitely capture the blackberry and black cherry scents right away.  They are sweet, tart and somehow smell refreshing.

I was very curious about the way that the classic Dr. Pepper flavors and the dark berry flavors would be together. Dr. Pepper is a very strong, very identifiable and very unique flavor category of its own.  Shockingly, they are absolutely amazing together.  Dr. Pepper’s classic cherry, slight spicy flavor is totally perfect with the dark berries.  And yes, I could taste the Dr. Pepper through the dark berry flavors.  Neither overpowered the other.

I’m surprised that blueberry wasn’t mentioned in the flavor profile.  Because the taste definitely gives off a blueberry vibe.  And, blueberries are a “dark” berry, aren’t they?  Why’d they get left out?  Who cares – it’s delicious.  If there’s an aftertaste, it lasts for a very, very short time, and it’s totally black cherry.  I also want to note that Dr. Pepper Dark Berry has a much more pronounced berry flavor than Cherry Coke.

Somehow, I was able to find this outside of Houston, Texas, before the official May 1st release date, at an obscure little gas station.  I wish I knew where to tell you to go get it early.  Look for little family owned gas stations with tiny convenience stores that serve baklava and have restrooms that smell like lavender.  If you’re lucky like me, you’ll stumble upon it.  Otherwise, just wait, and it’ll be everywhere very soon….for a limited time.

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