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Lay’s Turn Up the Flavor Chips Reviews

Lay’s Turn Up the Flavor Chips Reviews

Last summer, Lay’s released eight chip flavors that were inspired by food favorites as part of their “Taste of America” program. Eight flavors were distributed throughout the country and it was nearly impossible to try them all. This year, Lay’s is releasing three chips inspired by different genres of music in this new “Turn Up The Flavor” program! Thankfully, the three flavors will be distributed throughout the country, allowing all of us to try this years lineup!

They are literally turning up the volume on flavor with these flavors…

  • Kettle Cooked Classic Beer Cheese – inspired by classic rock
  • Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle Remix – inspired by hip-hop
  • Wavy Electric Lime & Sea Salt – inspired by pop music

The cool thing about me is….well…there’s a million cool things about me, but ONE of the cool things about me is that I am into all sorts of music. I’m really digging how Lay’s incorporated music in this years flavor competition! I’m really into classic rock, hip-hop, and pop. All sorts of music. I’m also really into chips. Let’s see which one gets my vote!

Lay’s Kettle Cooked Classic Beer Cheese Chips Review

Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix, Journey, Tom Petty. Those are just a few classic rock icons. The flavor representing this classic genre is beer cheese. Very fitting for the classic rock scene, I would say! There’s nothing more classic than the combination of rock music and beer. Lay’s combined them both to create this amazing, bold flavor. It’s called “beer cheese” for a freaking reason…it really tastes like beer! A true beer taste is immediately followed by a bold cheddar cheese flavor. You shouldn’t back down trying these!

Lay’s Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle Remix Chips Review

Representing the hip-hop genre is Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle Remix! These chips are pretty darn amazing. The dill pickle flavor is spot on. Tastes almost like you just bit into a fresh pickle. You’re left wondering where the “Flamin’ Hot” aspect is, and then Whoomp There It Is! The heat strikes and you’re left with both a fresh and spicy flavor that compliment each other so very well. I was quite surprised how spicy these are. The heat builds up. Be warned…these are addictive! Dr. Dre, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, and Snoop Dogg will all agree…this is an accurate representation of how hip-hop tastes. Amazing.

Lay’s Wavy Electric Lime & Sea Salt Chips Review

According to Lay’s, the flavors of Wavy Electric Lime & Sea Salt are “energetic and upbeat” just like pop music. And I would have to agree. Michael Jackson, Elton John, The Beatles, Prince, Mariah Carey, Madonna are some classic pop music icons and this flavor is very fitting to suit their lively and dynamic music. The lime stands out immediately in these chips. It’s not just lime either (although the the advertised flavor is lime)…I pick up on other citrusy notes like oranges! The flavor is electric, as the title suggests, and it’s flat out delicious.The wavy texture of the chips enhance the flavor since the ridges allow for more seasoning to be captured on each chip. Electric Lime & Sea Salt Chips, We Belong Together.

So which one was my favorite? This is almost impossible to answer.

No joke. This is incredibly hard! In my memory, there hasn’t been a Lay’s flavor competition where all flavors were delicious. There’s usually one flavor that stands out and is a clear winner, but that isn’t the case this year. After much thought, I’m giving the slight edge to Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle since the flavor is so unique. You experience the a true pickle flavor combined with the classic Flamin’ Hot seasoning. My second favorite would be the Electric Lime & Sea Salt because I LOVE citrus tang. But bottom line…you can’t go wrong with any of these flavors. Great job, Lay’s!

I’m so excited to hear what you guys think…leave a comment below with your favorite once you’ve tried them!

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