Ruffles Double Crunch Chips Review

I cannot stand hearing people eat.  It drives me crazy and makes me want to punch kittens and babies.  I don’t punch kittens and babies – it just temporarily makes me so insane that I want to. Smacking, chewing, and crunching are the absolute worst noises EVER. Chips are one of my absolute favorite snacks ever, but I have to turn on the TV or some music before I eat them. Because even then sound of ME eating drives me crazy!

Imagine now, that I hear Ruffles has come out with a new Ruffles Double Crunch.  Yep.  I do believe I was just as excited as I was dreading them. I knew that a single crunch was plenty…but double??  This means more of the awesomeness that chips offer.  More flavor, more potato and more room for dipping.  I’m totally in.  But I’m also a little scared of that crunching that I know will come from it.  I’m so torn, you guys.  So excited, but also scared.  I made sure to remove all kittens and babies from my house before reviewing these.  I turned on classic rock on the radio, and let Tom Petty drown out the potential explosive crunchiness of these new chips.

There are two flavors: Hot Wings and Zesty Cheddar. The names suggest I should anticipate a bit of spiciness.  I have high hopes for these chips!

Ruffles Double Crunch Hot Wings – Holy crap.  These chips are huge!  They are seriously thick – at least twice as thick as regular Ruffles, for sure.  Immediately, I could smell the heat coming off the chips.  They have that chicken wing scent with the unmistakable buffalo sauce.  And that’s exactly how they taste. These chips are spicy, you guys.  Be ready for that!  If you love spicy hot wings, you’ll absolutely fall in love with these.  If you don’t, prepare yourself. For me, they were super duper spicy and I could only eat a couple before dowsing my mouth with liquid to squash the fire.

Beyond the obvious heat, the taste is spot on.  And that crunch is massive.  It’s phenomenal. In fact, it was so awesome, I didn’t even notice Fleetwood Mac on my radio. I just kind of went into this weird state state of mind.  Like I just smoked a peace pipe and was floating.  It’s almost like the chips overshadowed the classic rock blasting out of the radio. The radio that was on to drown out the crunch.

Ruffles Double Crunch Zesty Cheddar – Zesty cheddar = spicy cheese.  That’s exactly what you get from these chips.  The cheddar is smokey and creamy with that slight tang. And the zestiness is freaking awesome for those of us that love a bit of jazz, but not the fire hot flames of spiciness.  That zest comes from garlic, onion and paprika and it’s perfectly paired with a strong cheddar.

I LOVE that these are super thick chips!  I feel like I get more out of the chips this way.  I’m reaching in the bag less often to  grab another one, because they take twice as long to eat.  This Zesty Cheddar is my favorite of the two, and I am really hoping they’ll come out with more flavors in the future.

Kudos, Ruffles.  You rocked this new product, hard core. You rocked it so hard, I didn’t need AC/DC to drown out the crunching. I also didn’t feel the urge to punch innocent, cute things.  That, my friends, is saying something about these chips.  Rock on, Ruffles, rock on.

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