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There’s something about the smell of popcorn.  It’s mesmerizing and hypnotizing.  Once it wafts passed your nose, you feel the need to follow it.  It’s an uncontrollable urge to move your body towards the popping corn. Although it might not be that dramatic, you know exactly what we’re talking about. You smell it and feel like one of those cartoon characters that’s lifted off their feet and floats in the air in a daze, while following the visible scent.  That’s what popcorn is to us.

Pop Pop Shoppe is a really cute popcorn company from Arkansas. They make crazy fun flavors like Jamaican Jerk, Taco ‘Bout Good, Orange Dream, Banana Berry, Pickles Pickles, Pumpkin Yum’kin, Cinna Swirl and a ton more.  Got you curious?  You should be, because we just scored 6 flavors to try…. and we’re ready to tackle this review like champs!


Jeni’s Take:  I LOVE the bright, neon, vibrant colors of this one!  It reminds me of Fruity Pebbles, but also reminds me of those gumballs I would get as a kid for 25¢ from the little machine in front of the grocery store.  I like this – it’s unique! There are 10 flavors in this mix, but I just enjoyed them all at once, in handfuls of it!

Jason’s Take: Gumball machine vibes! This color variety instantly too me back to my childhood. Not only is it fun to eat (look how bright each piece is), but it also reminded me of the classic gumball flavor. My nieces and nephews are sure to love this!

Beddar Cheddar

Jeni’s Take:  When I grab something cheddar flavored, I’m looking for that milky, creamy flavor with a little bit of tang at the end.  That’s exactly what I got with this!  It’s coated BEAUTIFULLY, too – plenty of delicious cheddar on every piece! I’m not sure how they nailed that cheddar flavor so well, but I’m glad they did. This is THE cheddar popcorn.

Jason’s Take: As the name suggests…everything is better with cheddar. A generous amount of cheddar seasoning coats every piece and it’s straight up delicious. It’s a bold cheddar flavor that leaves you wanting more! I’m not a fan of cheddar popcorns with minimal seasoning, but this is the exact opposite. I ended up eating half the bag in a matter of minutes!

Love Pop

Jeni’s Take: I don’t know about this one…. it’s good, but odd.  The pieces are white, pink and brown.  The chocolate is pretty good and bold with chocolate flavor.  The strawberry and white one tastes like floral soap to me. I am not digging that or the aftertaste. I wish I liked this more.  I love the name of it, though – “Love Pop.”  I just didn’t love this pop.

Jason’s Take: Just don’t go giving this to your valentine. This one was easily my least favorite. As Jeni mentioned, this mix features a floral-like soapy taste. I tried my best to like it, but I couldn’t I honestly couldn’t eat more than a few pieces. Skip this one if you can! Just note that it isn’t all bad… the chocolate pieces in this mix were actually really good and I think it deserves to be it’s own flavor!

Butter Cream Caramel

Jeni’s Take:  This popcorn just melted in my mouth and left me with a pool of brown sugary, buttery love on my tongue. Holy crap, this is absolutely delicious and so much fun!  I LOVE the nutty, buttery, sweet taste of this popcorn!  This is my favorite, and I can see myself laying in bed, munching on a huge bag of this for hours.  It’s seriously DELICIOUS!

Jason’s Take: Okay. This one is my absolute favorite of the bunch! Butter cream caramel is exactly what it tastes like! The buttery nuttiness is paired with the sweetness of the caramel. Do yourself a favor and get this flavor immediately. It’s not too sweet, but the flavor is definitely bold and you simply fall in love at first bite.

Dark Caramel Grand

Jeni’s Take:  Honestly, I don’t know what “dark” caramel is, but I love it.  This is a very caramel, very sweet popcorn that leaves a yummy brown sugary and almost molasses aftertaste in my mouth. Although the overall flavor is subtle, it’s really decadent.  I love that it melts in with the salty popcorn to create something truly unique and special.

Jason’s Take: I was expecting a bolder caramel flavor due to the ‘dark caramel’ name. It’s definitely a lighter caramel flavor, but still very delicious. Light and crunchy covered in deliciously sweet light caramel coating. This is perfect for this caramel popcorn enthusiast!

Rajun Cajun

Jeni’s Take:  I’m not a spicy or cajun food fan.  At all.  But, I do have to admit that this Rajun Cajun really did taste exactly like some of the cajun food I’ve had in the past.  It’s got quite a kick!  That burn also sticks around for a while, along with those creole flavors.  If you like cajun food, you’ll absolutely adore this popcorn.

Jason’s Take: As a spicy food lover, I am ALL over this flavor! A nice bold cajun cheddar flavor is followed by the nice kick of cajun. The spiciness lingers too! It’s not overwhelming either, just the right amount of spiciness so you can still enjoy the flavors of cajun on each and every single piece. This was easily one of my favorites.

Check out Pop Pop Shoppe’s awesome flavor selection, and then prepare to be spoiled!  This is some seriously yummy and very unique popcorn.  It’s an adventure to try different flavors, that’s for sure. For every flavor that doesn’t suit you, we promise you’ll find 2 more that you fall in love with.  And now, please excuse us as we continue to stuff our faces with the best snack in the world -popcorn!

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