Pillsbury Marshmallow Cookies Review

My oven is ready. My oven is also sad because I barely use it to bake anything. Thanks to the Pillsbury Doughboy, that is about to change because I am firing up my oven for these new Pillsbury Marshmallow Cookies! These cookies caught my attention while snack hunting at Meijer. You can’t miss it…the package features cute ass Pillsbury Doughboy and he’s smiling right at you pretty much saying “go on, buy these!”.

That I did. I knew these would be an instant hit with my nieces and nephews, so I grabbed multiple packages. Because everyone loves marshmallows. Especially that one guy from 7-Eleven…which I will tell you about now before I proceed with the review….

I used to work at 7-Eleven and this one guy stole THREE canisters of mini marshmallows. You know, those mini marshmallows that people can put in their hot cocoa? Those. In plain sight, he stuffed three of them in his jacket. When we confronted him, he took them out and said “Sorry, I just love marshmallows”, nonchalantly. I thought to myself “good point”. Everyone loves marshmallows, so I agreed with him and kindly asked him not to steal again.

Anyways — onto the review. These cookies are essentially sugar cookies with bits of marshmallow. Right out of the package, not even baked, these smell absolutely AMAZING. It almost smelled like a marshmallow scented candle if you’ve ever smelled one before. My mouth was watering as I put them in the oven to bake. *My oven is now happy since she’s actually being used to bake.*

One cookie and I am in love. These cookies are definitely marshmallow flavored and feature an amazing texture. The sugar cookie base and lots of gooey bits of melted marshmallow combine to make an outstanding cookie. Yes, it’s a sugar cookie and no, the marshmallow flavor isn’t overwhelming — but it definitely shines. Found all throughout a cookie, the marshmallow bits are glorious. Soft, gooey, and just the right amount of sweetness. There’s even a marshmallow aftertaste that lingers in your mouth a few minutes after eating one. These are a definite buy!

Now I am just left wondering, whatever happened to that guy that tried to steal marshmallows from 7-Eleven when I was working there? Did he ever go on to steal more marshmallows somewhere else?  Hopefully we won’t go trying to steal these cookies at the grocery store. These cookies are so good that if I was able to somehow find this dude, I would bring him some. After all, we all “just love marshmallows”. #MarshmallowsforLife


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