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New & Improved Butterfinger Review

New & Improved Butterfinger Review

I got hooked on Butterfinger way back in the day when I saw Bart Simpson was a fan of them. Most of us grew up with this iconic bar — it has been around for nearly 100 years! When I found out that Butterfinger changed their recipe, I got nervous. Let’s be real — most recipe changes in the past have almost always resulted in backlash. “New Coke” in 1985, Nutella in 2017, and McDonald’s Apple Pie in 2018. Customers get used to a flavor, continue to purchase it because they like it, and then are crazy upset when the ‘new recipe’ doesn’t compare to the old one. People don’t like change…plain and simple.

In a ballsy move by Butterfinger, the new recipe features a different type of peanut and more cocoa, while cutting out certain ingredients. The peanut flavor is what makes the Butterfinger, and using a different type of peanut is a very bold move in my opinion. Described by Butterfinger to be “crispety, crunchety, and peanut buttery”, these bars also feature a new wrapper to keep the bar fresher longer.

So how does the new recipe compare to the old recipe? It’s noticeably different! However, I don’t expect a backlash here. The old version is a bit ‘stickier’ with the chocolate sticking to every crevasse in your mouth. I immediately noticed that the new version doesn’t have that ‘stickiness’. That’s a good thing in my book…I won’t miss that! A richer chocolate coating and a and more prominent peanut butter flavor are what stands out to me the most. I don’t really pick up on the caramelized molasses flavor that was noticeable in the old formula, which mostly affects the aftertaste. The new bar’s aftertaste is a tad bit saltier and less sweet.

It’s definitely different, but to me, this is a good change! It just tastes more peanut-buttery overall. The peanut change was a good change in my opinion, as it resulted in more of a prominent peanut taste. The crunch is still the same, the shape is the same, the smell is the same. Just a more peanut buttery taste, a bit less stickiness, and a richer chocolate coatings pretty much sum up the changes. Plus, the new bar contains no artificial flavors and is now gluten-free.

No backlash from me — I am a fan of this change! However, people respond to change differently, so you may not be on the same boat. I’m pretty sure Bart Simpson is still going to be a fan. If you tried this new recipe, what did you think?

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