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New & Improved Butterfinger Review

New & Improved Butterfinger Review

I got hooked on Butterfinger way back in the day when I saw Bart Simpson was a fan of them. Most of us grew up with this iconic bar — it has been around for nearly 100 years! When I found out that Butterfinger changed their recipe, I got nervous. Let’s be real — most recipe changes in the past have almost always resulted in backlash. “New Coke” in 1985, Nutella in 2017, and McDonald’s Apple Pie in 2018. Customers get used to a flavor, continue to purchase it because they like it, and then are crazy upset when the ‘new recipe’ doesn’t compare to the old one. People don’t like change…plain and simple.

In a ballsy move by Butterfinger, the new recipe features a different type of peanut and more cocoa, while cutting out certain ingredients. The peanut flavor is what makes the Butterfinger, and using a different type of peanut is a very bold move in my opinion. Described by Butterfinger to be “crispety, crunchety, and peanut buttery”, these bars also feature a new wrapper to keep the bar fresher longer.

So how does the new recipe compare to the old recipe? It’s noticeably different! However, I don’t expect a backlash here. The old version is a bit ‘stickier’ with the chocolate sticking to every crevasse in your mouth. I immediately noticed that the new version doesn’t have that ‘stickiness’. That’s a good thing in my book…I won’t miss that! A richer chocolate coating and a and more prominent peanut butter flavor are what stands out to me the most. I don’t really pick up on the caramelized molasses flavor that was noticeable in the old formula, which mostly affects the aftertaste. The new bar’s aftertaste is a tad bit saltier and less sweet.

It’s definitely different, but to me, this is a good change! It just tastes more peanut-buttery overall. The peanut change was a good change in my opinion, as it resulted in more of a prominent peanut taste. The crunch is still the same, the shape is the same, the smell is the same. Just a more peanut buttery taste, a bit less stickiness, and a richer chocolate coatings pretty much sum up the changes. Plus, the new bar contains no artificial flavors and is now gluten-free.

No backlash from me — I am a fan of this change! However, people respond to change differently, so you may not be on the same boat. I’m pretty sure Bart Simpson is still going to be a fan. If you tried this new recipe, what did you think?

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    • I do “not” like the new Butterfinger. It tastes like chocolate coating is half as thick as the old one. True, it is crispy but I want my thicker chocolate coating!

  • I did not like it as well. Why would you change the traditional butterfinger. Some things just need to be left alone! The new one is not as tasty.

    • Sandy. I agree. The new one tastes like chemical. Why change an icon. That’s like changing the Milky Way. They should have made a new candy bar with a new name. They lost me as a Butterfinger customer.

  • Why on earth would you mess with success? This is not an improvement! This new Butterfinger needs to go away with New Coke. Definitely lost a customer with me!

  • Butterfinger has always been a favorite for both, me & hubby. We could not understand how they could “improve” on perfection, but, we bought 4 bars. We each tried one, thinking “oh boy”!! Boy, we’re we surprised!!! What was once perfectiin, is now laying in the countertop, waiting for some sucker to come and get it! Yeah, we bought 2too many! We WON’T be buying another one! They are horrible!!

  • The new butterfinger is horrible. The taste is not good at all. The new butterfinger taste like something was added that do not blend good together. Bring back the old recipe taste because that one taste better. New and improve is NOT a winner.

  • It taste completely different to me. Not better. I don’t know whether it’s a higher quality product or not, but I will buy something else next time I get a sweet tooth.
    It’s a shame, but life goes on.

  • Terrible…Was my Favorite Candy Bar. I don’t Know What You Did..Remember When Coke Got Rid Of The Ol Coca Cola For The New..That Didn’t Work for them Hope It Works For You..Do Not Like It and Will Not Ever Buy Another..

  • They taste horrible! Bring back the original. New Enhanced flavor? What a joke! It is bland as can be. 🤮lost me as a customer!!

  • I hate the New Butterfinger. I can’t wait to take them back to the store and get my money back. Maybe if enough of us do that they will get the message.

  • Horrible. Won’t buy another unless they switch back. How do you screw up candy? Other than licorice I’ll eat about anything. This is awful.

  • The new Butterfinger chocolate coating is half the thickness of the old Butterfinger bar. in addition, the peanut butter center is too crispy. The old one had more substance and mike moist feeling. In summary, bring back the original!

  • Don’t mess with success. The new Butterfinger chocolate covering is half as thick as the original and the peanut butter center is too dry. If they change over to the new one, then I will find another favorite candy car. I am 72 years old and I have eaten Butterfingers for many years and the knucklehead that changed the formula should be run out of town!

  • Really dislike this recipe change. Will no longer buy this candy. Hopefully they will go back to the old recipe.

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