M&M’s Flavor Vote 2019 Reviews – Thai Coconut, English Toffee, & Mexican Jalapeño

This year, M&M’s is changing up their Flavor Vote line-up. For the first time ever, they are featuring three internationally-inspired flavors. Take your pick… would you rather visit Thailand, England, or Mexico? Well, you can get a taste of all three with these limited-edition flavors — Thai Coconut, English Toffee, and Mexican Jalapeño. All of which come in the peanut variety.

I’m digging this international twist of the Flavor Vote competition this year. I’m a huge fan of coconut, toffee, and jalapeño. I’m also a fan of traveling. Which I don’t do enough because my fatass is too busy trying to find the latest snacks (not to mention, too broke because 96% of my disposable income goes towards snacks). But good news for us…we can simply cast our vote for our favorite flavor to enter to win a trip to all three countries! Let’s find out which one gets my vote.

Thai Coconut Peanut

The one time I ever did go on vacation, I got a freshly opened coconut from some random guy on the side of a hill in Belize. Yup, it was sketchy as hell. He was just standing there with a coconut in his hand. The straw was already in there and everything. It was like $2 and tasted delicious. However, looking back on it, I realize I trusted that guy too much…he could’ve put some bullshit in there (like crushed up Swedish Fish Oreos or a stool softener).

Needless to say, I will do anything for coconut flavored snacks. Coconut is a favorite of mine and these M&M’s are absolutely AMAZING.  This flavor is described by Mars as “a savory sweet taste inspired by the tropics of Thailand”. It’s all that and so much more. The saltiness of the peanut combines with the sweetness coconut to make for one amazing M&M. The coconut flavor stands out and is truly amazing.

English Toffee Peanut

I had no idea toffee originated from England until now. According to Mars, this flavor “tastes as elegant as a trip to Great Britain itself”. Whatever that means?! This flavor pretty much is exactly what you’d expect it to taste. A very job well done by Mars. You’ve got to enjoy toffee to enjoy these M&M’s (obviously). I was a bit surprised with how bold the toffee flavor is.

I pick up on hints of brown sugar, burnt caramel, and even maple. In my opinion, the toffee flavor is overwhelming and takes away from the other components of the chocolate M&M — chocolate and peanut. No doubt are they delicious. I just think they would’ve been more enjoyable if the toffee flavor was turned down a notch. So I guess this is what a trip to Great Britain tastes like! Bold!

Mexican Jalapeño Peanut

“Just the right amount of spice and chocolate” is what Mars describes these as. You all know I am a huge fan of spicy snacks in general. I’m just not a fan of the spicy chocolate trend. I don’t think chocolate and spicy go together, and don’t think it ever will. I have to hand it to Mars here though. Somehow, someway, these M&M’s actually do taste like jalapeno. Fresh jalapeno too.

You get an initial kick of fresh jalapeno, followed by the sweet and salty chocolate and peanut flavors. The heat builds up as you eat more, so you’ll want to eat these on your own pace. However, I found myself stopping after like 5 of them. Not because of the spiciness, but because spice and chocolate just suck together. They were spot on with the flavor, but I am still not a fan just because the combination isn’t good one.

So, there you have it. Thai Coconut Peanut is the clear winner for me. I already placed my vote. Also…don’t waste your time voting… my bags are all packed — I’m gonna win. Just trying to get to Thailand to get another sketchy coconut from this dude…

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