Dove White Chocolate Carrot Cake Review

Carrot cake is a tricky, tricky little treat.  It’s basically a spice cake with carrots in it.  It’s a vegetable-gingersnap cookie.  There’s cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove and brown sugar…with carrots plopped in the mix.  It’s an odd cake, for sure.  Does anyone really ever take a bite of carrot cake and say, “mmmm, now THAT is carrot-y!”?  There’s a very subtle sweetness let off by the veggie in a classic version of this cake. Carrot cake reminds me of the moms that hide broccoli in mac & cheese so their kids will eat it.  Or the pill surrounded by a bed of peanut butter so the dog will take his medicine.  You don’t taste it, but it’s there.

For me, the cream cheese icing is what I like about carrot cake.  Honestly, I could eat JUST the frosting off the cake and not feel like an asshole.  It’s kind of like people that claim the love coffee…but really just like the flavored creamers.  Or saying that your favorite cereal is Lucky Charms, while you only eat the marshmallows.  Don’t get me wrong – carrot cake isn’t bad.  It just pisses me off that it’s so tricky.

Dove just dropped their new White Chocolate Carrot Cake for the 2019 spring season.  I’m super curious about these, because I feel like the white chocolate may have to take the place of the cream cheese frosting.  Unless, by “carrot cake,” they literally  mean just the cake. Ugh.  Well now that makes it much less fun.  However, it has “graham flavored crisps” in it, which sound pretty neat.

I unwrapped one and gave it a big whiff.  I immediately caught that creamy, milky white chocolate scent, mixed with a strong nutmeg aroma. It’s not pleasant, but it’s not grody, either.  As soon as I took a bite, that nutmeggy-gingery-cinnamon spiciness exploded.  It’s a bit much, although white chocolate is pretty powerful, as well.  The little graham balls are really yummy, and I can totally pick up on the molasses and cinnamon in them.  I do like that little bit of crunch in this candy – it needed something to break up the texture.

I think the nutmeg or whatever that spice is in there is a bit too strong. Like it’s trying too hard to prove it’s important to the candy or something.  Calm down, little buddy… I taste you.  I super taste you.

I’m really trying hard to be a fan of these.  The white chocolate is definitely not the cream cheese frosting replacement.  If I wanted a spice cake candy, this would totally be my go-to.  In fact, they should have just called it spice cake instead of carrot cake, because thats’s much more suited for it.  This is a spice cake hidden inside a carrot cake candy.  See?  Once again, carrot cake has fooled us.

It’s not bad, but it’s not necessarily really good.  It’s just really not what it’s supposed to be, which was disappointing. That cream cheese frosting really needed to make an appearance, and it didn’t. The spices are too overpowering, and the white chocolate is a random flavor in this candy.  I also didn’t pick up on any of the carroty sweetness in a classic carrot cake.  The graham balls are really tasty, but don’t really fit the theme of carrot cake… because carrot cake doesn’t generally have a crust.  So, yet again, carrot cake used its trickery on me. It’s a carrot cake candy that tastes like spice cake with a graham cracker crust.  A carrot cake candy that tastes very little like carrot cake – now THAT is tricky!


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