Snickers Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars Review

I wasn’t kidding when I said January is the best month for new ice cream releases. Kit Kat Ice Cream Cones, Nestle Drumstock Dulce de Leche, and now Snickers Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars! One of my favorite memories I have from my childhood involves snickers. Every Halloween, I would sneak through my sisters candy stash and swap out all of my ‘nasty’ candy and take her Snickers. You know, all of the unappealing candy most kids didn’t want…candy corn, circus peanuts, raisins, butterscotch. I wanted the good stuff. I wanted MORE Snickers. I did this every year up until about age 9 or 10. I got caught red handed. My sister found my pile of Snickers wrappers that I hid from her under the bed. It was a sad day…until I went back through her candy again later that night and stole her Reese’s.

Fast forward to today and we have this glorious release. This latest offering from Snickers is perfect for dark chocolate lovers! This ice cream bar features a peanut butter-chocolate ice cream base that is dipped in dark chocolate. I’ve had the original Snickers ice cream bars before, so I am very familiar with their ice cream line.

The dark chocolate shell is delicious. You can definitely tell it’s dark chocolate, but it doesn’t have a lingering bitter aftertaste that is usually present in dark chocolates. Big pieces of peanuts are immediately picked up on the moment you bite in because the ice cream is incredibly soft and the crunch of the peanut sticks out. Lastly, the smooth caramel ties everything together. The ice cream bar is shaped exactly like a Snickers bar, so it feels as if you’re eating Snickers!

When comparing this dark chocolate flavor to the original Snickers ice cream bars, I do have one thing to pick at. The dark chocolate is bold enough to get in the way of the chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I dark chocolate shell consumes the peanut butter aspect of the ice cream and you don’t really pick up on it.

The classic Snickers slogan “Hungry? Why wait?” applies to this ice cream bar.  If you love dark chocolate, I know you’ll love this ice cream bar! Even if you aren’t the biggest dark chocolate fan, it’s no doubt still a delicious treat. Picking between original and dark chocolate, I would lean more original, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy these. I bought an extra box for my sister as a way of saying sorry for my scumbag Snickers stealing…but I ate it. I really need to learn how to be a better brother. ?


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  • Hi,
    I tried one of these for the first time yesterday and I must say I absolutely loved it. I was “O my God this is so delicious”. It reminded me of my boyfriend, dark and delicious?

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