Post Hostess Honey Bun Cereal & Donettes Cereal Reviews

I love breakfast foods.  I’m a breakfast kinda girl.  Give me coffee, eggs, bacon, and hash browns.  I’ll take a pile of leftover Chinese food or pizza.  But the best things about breakfast are absolutely cereal and pastries.  Seriously.  Who thought of making pastries a socially acceptable breakfast food?  Dessert when you wake up. Whoever you are, you are a genius.  So when Post rolled out these new Hostess Honey Bun and Donettes cereals, they combined the best parts of breakfast into one, brilliant concept.  Let’s break these babies down and find out just how genius this idea was for Post.

Post Hostess Honey Bun Cereal

The first thing I noticed about this box was the weight.  It’s actually much heavier than other boxes of the same size.  Weird.  However, if we’re really diving into the concept that heavy pastry breads have been shrunken into bits of cereal, it makes sense.  On the back of the box, you’ll see 2 bowls of the cereal on a table with milk… and a honey bun.  If you have the cereal, why do you need the actual honey bun?  Or perhaps that just makes it even better. Either way, I’m game.

These smell awesome. I get the pastry vibe, for sure – but not a honey Bun or cinnamon roll at all.  I get a strong vanilla, floury pastry scent and it’s amazing and comforting.  If the scent of this cereal could hug me, I would never be scared or sad again.  I tried a few dry and have to admit, they are pretty cute.  They really look like those classic, smooshed Hostess Honey Buns!  These are really tasty – but definitely not a hint of cinnamon in them.  In fact, if there was such a thing as a vanilla Honey Bun – that’s what these are, for sure.  They are delicious in and out of milk, but the milk doesn’t enhance the flavor at all.  Don’t get me wrong.  These are damn good and quite tasty.  But if you blindfolded me and had me try them, I would think they were a vanilla cream puff cereal instead of a Honey Bun cereal.

Post Hostess Donettes Cereal

The box honestly makes me want to jump into the bowl of this cereal.  It’s like mini donut heaven!  Plus, do we really need to argue about the best mini donut flavor?  It’s powdered.  Duh.  I’m super excited about this cereal and will expect them to literally taste like a crunchy, tiny version of the original Donettes.  Big hopes on this one.

I thought these smelled almost exactly the same as the Honey Bun cereal smelled… with a slightly less vanilla scent.  They definitely smell sweet.  I tried a few dry, and absolutely freaked.  These really do taste like a crunchy version of Donettes!  They are even fuzzy because of the powdered sugar coating on them.  I’m pretty amazed.  In milk, the powdered sugar aspect is lost, unfortunately, however, the milk becomes a bit sweeter.  They taste just like a sweet little donut, and I’m in love.  I’m not sure how they pulled this off, but I’m really happy they did. They are like micro-mini or miniature mini donuts…. er… Donettes in a bowl.

Breakfast, I love you.  Post, I admire you. Hostess, I adore mi amor.  Although the Honey Bun cereal lacked the cinnamon aspect, it was still an amazingly delicious and fun cereal that still encompassed the best of morning pastries.  And the Donettes… I’m on my third bowl right now.  This makes me wonder – what could possibly be next in the Post/Hostess lineup?

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