Oreo White Fudge Dipped & Chips Ahoy Fudge Dipped Thin Bites Reviews

Bite sized snacks are so in right now. Obviously, to make fatties like us feel better about ourselves when stuffing our faces with junk. New Oreo White Fudge Dipped & Chips Ahoy Fudge Dipped Thin Bites are here. We are blessed with having white fudged dipped Oreos year-round with the launch of these! It’s no longer a holiday-time favorite.

If you’ve ever had the White Fudged Dipped Oreos during the holidays, these are exactly those…just in mini form. Boy oh boy, these are delicious. Although the white fudge is somewhat waxy and artificial tasting, they’re pure gold. The mini Oreos are thin and crispy and the layer of white fudge coating them is truly wonderful.

The Chips Ahoy Fudge Dipped Thin Bites are game changing. We’ve never been offered fudged dipped Chips Ahoy by Nabisco — in any form. These bite sized cookies are crispy and delicious, but it’s the fudge dip that really makes this truly a gem. The chocolate layer is a tad sweeter than the chocolate chips used in the actual cookie. The perfect amount of chocolate paired up with the classic Chips Ahoy cookie we all grew up with.

Not really much else to say about these. They are ridiculously addictive. They hit a homerun with both of them, and they didn’t have to get creative either. Very simple…they’re perfect. Just one request to Nabisco — can we get these BOTH super-sized…year-round? They are THAT good!

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