Goldfish Epic Crunch Reviews – Nacho, Honey BBQ, & Ranch

Goldfish Epic Crunch Reviews – Nacho, Honey BBQ, & Ranch

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers were launched in 1958. A whopping 61 years ago. It’s safe to say we all grew up with this classic snack. Goldfish haven’t really changed much since then. Only recently have we been seeing new varieties of Goldfish! The “snack that smiles back” is changing their lineup with the launch of new Epic Crunch Goldfish! Unlike the other Goldfish we have all tried, these are the first to feature a tortilla chip-like texture!

Chip-like? HECK YES! As the self proclaimed “master of chips”, I knew that I had to get my hands on these. Real tortilla chips are usually fried, but these crackers are baked for you can feel better about your snack-loving self! These Goldfish come in three of my favorite chip flavors: Nacho, Honey BBQ, and Ranch.

These Goldfish are much larger in size… I would estimate them to be about double in size in comparison to regular Goldfish. They are crunchier and also feature amazing bold flavors. When I say bold, I mean BOLD. YUM! Here’s my breakdown of each flavor:

  • Nacho: The tortilla flavor perfectly compliments the nacho cheese, followed by a hint of spices from paprika and onion powder.
  • Honey BBQ: Sweet BBQ flavor is immediately noticeable thanks to molasses and spices. Yum!
  • Ranch: Classic ranch. I pick up on onion powder, a bit of paprika, garlic powder — all followed up by the tang of buttermilk. You even somehow taste the creamy aspect of the ranch flavor!

These are…as the name suggests….epic. All flavors are loaded with seasoning! They are also crunchy. Plain and simple, they make an amazing addition to the Goldfish family of snacks. Buy yourself a bag, or two, or all three and enjoy! Although I loved them all almost equally, if I had to pick a favorite flavor, it would be nacho. Can’t ever go wrong with classic nacho!

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