Dove Pink Champagne & Milk Chocolate Swirl Review

Here’s to you and your special someone! Why pop bottles of champagne on Valentine’s Day when you can enjoy it in the form of chocolate? According to the back of the package, these Dove Pink Champagne & Milk Chocolate Swirl Hearts will “have you saying ‘Cheers’ from the very first bite”. Pairing champagne with chocolate is a tall order. The bubbly favorite could wreck havoc on the sweet, luscious profile of milk chocolate. Which is probably why why don’t see many champagne-inspired chocolate bars.

A Target exclusive, these chocolates are now out for Valentine’s Day and I got my hands on a bag trying to figure out of my special lady is getting these for Valentine’s Day or not. Immediately after opening the bag, you are struck with a bold scent. That’s most definitely champagne! Although the ingredients do not list any alcohol in it, it smells like champagne and nothing else. I don’t even pick up on the scent of chocolate!

Getting right to the point…these are exactly as advertised. Pink Champagne & Milk Chocolate. WOAH! I honestly was not expecting that intense of a champagne flavor. The bubbly champagne flavor pairs oh so well with the milk chocolate. The hint of sweetness from the champagne is followed by the rich and smooth chocolate aftertaste.

I’ll tell you one thing…this isn’t for everyone. If you like champagne, you’ll love this chocolate. If you don’t like champagne, you’ll hate it. It’s really as simple as that since the champagne taste is so prominent. Myself, I am not a big champagne fan, so my thoughts on these were “blah”. However, I could see any champagne fan loving this. My girl has to like champagne because I got the rest of the bag here waiting for her for Valentine’s Day! Plus, it’s cheaper than a bottle of champagne. 😜

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