Carrot Cake Oreo Review

The first of many new Oreos set to release in 2019 is one that we have been waiting for FOREVER! Carrot Cake Oreos! Carrot Cake Oreos are a permanent addition to the Oreo family, so we can expect them to be on shelves FOREVER! And don’t you worry about ruining your New Year’s resolutions diets….carrots are vegetables, ya know.

The description of these Oreos is ‘carrot cake flavored cookie with cream cheese frosting flavor creme’. Before its release, I was expecting vanilla wafer cookies with carrot cake flavored creme, but the route they took gets me even more excited! The carrot cake flavored wafers smell eerily similar to Cinnamon Bun Oreos. These don’t really smell like carrot cake, but I am so excited to try these bad boys! 🥕

Trying just the wafer, I instantly pick up on notes of brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger…followed by a noticeable carrot flavor. The carrot cake flavor is present in the cookies, however, I was expecting a stronger carrot flavor. Onto trying just the creme…this is where it gets interesting! The creme cheese filling is definitely the highlight of this cookie. Sweet buttercream-like frosting does a great job at imitating actual cream cheese frosting found on actual carrot cake.

Trying it together now. Screw New Year’s resolutions. You’re on a snack blog anyways…you had no chance at your diet. This Carrot Cake Oreo is a treasure. Not only do the carrot cake cookies and cream cheese filling compliment each other so well, but the AMOUNT of cream used in these cookies is noticeably more than your average Oreo. Which, in my opinion, was a genius move by Oreo because actual carrot cake does feature a lot of frosting! The lingering nutmeg and ginger flavors from the cookies with the frosting really does end up tasting like actual carrot cake.

From the spices in the wafers down to the the cream — this Oreo equals perfection. Cream cheese frosting is a must on carrot cake, and Oreo did a fantastic job at replicating that in these cookies. You’re buying carrot cake in cookie form, and that’s what you’re getting. No surprises here, just one amazing cookie! My New Year’s Resolution was to eat more Oreos….doing a great job at that already. 😜

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