Rice Krispies Treats – everyone knows them, and everyone loves them.  They are the little effort, no bake treat made with three simple ingredients. But when combined – BOOM – you have an intensely sweet, flavorful and crunchy bit of delightfulness. Have you ever wondered who came up with Rice Krispies treats?  We have.

The first thing you need to know is that there are two versions.  A lady named Mildred Day, who worked for Kellogg’s may or may not have created both.  Yah, it’s confusing and frustrating, but fascinating, too.  The first version in 1932 used these ingredients:  Rice Krispies, corn syrup, molasses, butter and vinegar.  Uhhhh… what about the marshmallows?  And how does that recipe even WORK?  It certainly doesn’t sound very good.  Onto the next version that is a bit more familiar – the 1939 recipe: Rice Krispies, butter, vanilla and marshmallows.  Whether or not Miss Mildred actually invented the concept of Rice Krispies Treats or not (that debate lives on), we tend to lean on her side and give her the credit.

Flash forward to modern day: 2018.  And the Rice Krispies Treats phenomenon is still trucking along.  That’s an 86-year long tradition, ya’ll.  Crazy!  And our 21st century Rice Krispies Treats now include the brand spanking new Rice Krispies Treats Snap Crackle Popped!  These are bite-sized, Rice Krispies Treats dipped in a smooth silky topping.  They come in three flavors: Chocolately, Vanilla Crème, and Cookies ‘n’ Créme.  Let’s give them a taste, shall we?

Rice Krispies Treats Snap Crackle Popped Chocolately

Jason’s Take: Rice Krispies Treats in bite sized form…dipped in chocolate? YES PLEASE! The sweetness from the rich and smooth chocolate compliments the classic marshmallow flavor that Rice Krispies Treats is known for. It’s a thin layer of chocolate, but just the right amount so it is not over taking. Once you eat one of these, you simply cannot stop!

Jeni’s Take: Choooocccollaaaatttteee… these babies were crying out to me.  I absolutely love the combination of milky, silky chocolate with the crunch and creaminess of Rice Krispies treats.  These bite-sized snacks are seriously tasty.  Plus, you get chocolate in every bite, since the chocolate is hugging them.

Rice Krispies Treats Snap Crackle Popped Vanilla Crème

Jason’s Take: Oddly enough, these smell like birthday cake when you first open the bag. Once you try them, you’ll realize that vanilla crème probably equals birthday cake frosting…so silky! This is absolutely delicious! Although the vanilla crème name for this flavor is fitting, birthday cake would’ve worked just as well. Theese Ooey, chewy, bite sized pieces melt in your mouth!

Jeni’s Take: These are pure Heaven.  It’s like Rice Krispies Treats have been waiting for vanilla creme to blanket over them.  This combination is spot on and works really, really well.  You get that marshmallow delightfulness from inside the crispy Krispies, but then a punch of vanilla in the creme.  Perfect.

Rice Krispies Treats Snap Crackle Popped Cookies ‘n’ Créme

Jason’s Take: Saving the best for last! The cookies ‘n creme flavors really pop out in these poppers! At first, you don’t pick up much on the cookies ‘n creme flavors — just classic Rice Krispies Treats. A few seconds later, a blast of cookies ‘n creme hits your tongue and I am suddenly obsessed. A treat made in heaven! I can see myself serving these at a party in a bowl or something….wait, never mind… I can see myself eating ALL of these right this moment. 😉

Jeni’s Take:  I didn’t catch the actual flavor in this one at first – Cookies ‘n Creme.  But then it hit me and it was worth the wait!  Disappointment disappeared quickly, and I soaked in that creaminess of the cookies n creme classic taste.  I love these, and can’t decide which is my favorite of the three!  Jason might eat all of his at once…. but I’m all about taking a bag of them in the bubble bath with me for a little extra indulgence!

Here’s to you, Mildred Day.  You, Madam, are a rock star in our book.  Yes, we have to give credit to Kellogg’s, and always will.  But would they have even thought about these amazing new snacks without Millie (we feel close enough to her now to call her, “Millie)?  Get out there and find these, eat them, and think about the 86 years they’ve had in the making.

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