Pringles Wavy Chips Reviews

Hello! Hi! Welcome! Greetings from Snack Gator’s snack haven (aka my tiny little office). *Wave*  See the Snack Gator below waving to you? He’s doing that for two reasons! Reason number one, he simply loves you all. 😍Reason number two, he is SO excited about the launch of Pringles latest offering — Wavy Pringles! For the first time ever, Pringles is changing up the texture by offering new wavy crisps! What is even more exciting is the flavors they come in. They are all new!

We all know that wavy chips are especially good for dipping! Salsa, guacamole, or sour cream dip…whatever your preference, the ridges help secure more dip from the container and into your mouth. These Pringles Wavy crisps provide a new tasty twist on the iconic original Pringles crisps. A thick, wavy texture helps deliver a bold crunch and big flavor in every bite — so no dipping is required with these wavy snacks!

Fire Roasted Jalapeno Wavy Pringles

Jeni’s Take:  Holy Jalapeno!  I’m not a spicy foods fan, but this was a really flavorful chip, and the jalapeno had a great flavor to it.  Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the spicy kick on the back on my tongue with this.  Jason will probably say they were a “mild” spicy 🙂  The cheesy combo with this chip is awesome, too.

Jason’s Take: A cheddar-like flavor hits the tongue, followed by a rush of jalapeno! Not just any jalapeno…but fire roasted! Trust me, I can tell a difference. I grow Jalapenos in my garden every summer and I know what fire roasted jalapenos taste like. These are outstanding! They are moderately spicy and the spice builds up as you eat them. Love these!

Classic Salted Wavy Pringles

Jeni’s Take: Awwww my FAVORITE Pringles are the plain ones.  I just love salt.  And these are absolutely perfect because you get MORE salt and MORE potato in them.  These would be outstanding dipped in queso because the ridges are really big.  Loving these!

Jason’s Take: The same original Pringles flavor you love, with just a BIGGER crunch! Everything else is exactly the same (minus the wavy shape)…even the exact salt content. I can totally see myself dipping these in sour cream & onion dip.

Sweet & Tangy BBQ Wavy Pringles

Jeni’s Take: This chip is spot on.  First sweet and then BAM! Tangy!  I love this BBQ chip because it’s the perfect marriage of sweet and tangy, combined with spices you’d find in every BBQ sauce that makes it outstanding.  That crunch makes them even more fun to eat.

Jason’s Take: Sweet and tangy is right! This sweet, yet savory, barbecue flavor is bold! You even pick up on flavors from garlic powder and paprika for that bbq flavor, followed by sweetness from brown sugar. You can’t stop with just one.

Applewood Smoked Cheddar

Jeni’s Take:  Boom.  Done.  Take me home.  This is freaking DELICIOUS!  Chip snackers will delight in this amazing cheesy chip with a hint of sweetness to balance that salty cheddar.  I ended up eating several of these, claiming I needed another taste to review.  Honestly, I just LOVE THEM!

Jason’s Take: Cheddar cheese HEAVEN! These are loaded with cheesy goodness! If you’re a fan of cheesy snacks, these are perfect for you. Every single Pringle delivers a punch of smoked sharp cheddar! A soft cheddary aftertaste follows you once you’ve tried them…leaving you wanting more. You simply cannot go wrong with these.

Both of us here at Snack Gator (and the gator himself) absolutely love Pringles. These new Wavy Pringles provide a delicious new twist to one of our favorite snacks! The flavors are insanely bold and strike your tongue immediately! These Pringles are slightly thicker than original Pringles, which is perfect if you do decide to use them for dipping. If you’ve ever done the duck face with Pringles (we’ve all done this), I’m pleased to report, it still works on these Wavy Pringles. A definite buy!

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  • its all about precice flvirswithout to much overpowring the otjer.. i got the smoked cheddar and saw this review.. looks like il be coming back but the memphis regular from prngles is just as good!!!!!!!! pringles needs to stop makng the breakable chips and stick to wavy.. notohng worse then a broken chip!!!!!1

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