Pop-Tarts aren’t just a snack.  And they definitely aren’t just a breakfast treat.  Pop-Tarts are an icon in pop culture. Bruce Willis, for example, pops some in the toaster in the movie Pulp Fiction. Five episodes of The Simpsons features characters munching down on them. The Gilmore Girls feasted on Pop-Tarts frequently.  And of course, Family Guy featured a great song about putting butter on Pop-Tarts:

And now that song is in your head for the rest of the day.  You’re welcome.

After 51 years, Pop-Tarts has lead the industry in breakfast pastries.  And we contribute that to their consistent experimentation of flavors, textures and variations on the classic.  The latest and greatest creation from the Pop-Tarts scientists (we assume there are lab coat clad dudes with glasses in a lab, testing new Pop-Tart formulas) is the brand new Pop-Tarts Crisps and Pop-Tarts Bites.  Oh, yes, dear friends. They brought out the big guns on these.  Not surprisingly, the flavors offered for both are the top-selling Pop-Tarts flavors: Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Frosted Strawberry.

Pop-Tarts Crisps are kind of like granola bars – but made with Pop-Tarts.  You still get the goodness of no high fructose corn syrup and 5 grams of whole grain – if you really give a crap about healthiness. Think Pop-Tarts in crunchy form with no need to pop in the toaster.  You still get the pastry, filling and frosting – but it’s in stick form!

Pop-Tarts Crisps Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamazing

Jason’s Take: They don’t call these “crisps” for nothing. Crispy they are! The very tasty combo of brown sugar and cinnamon comes through in every single bite of frosting, filling and crispy crust. These are on the thinner side to help make for a great snack. A nice crunch in every bite!

Jeni’s Take:  Pop-Tarts I can throw in my purse and eat anywhere?  I’m SO game.  Immediately after opening the package, the scent of cinnamon slapped me in the face.  And I wanted more of this glorious abuse.  I love the slight crunch of the pastry, the brown sugary filling. These remind me of Fig Newtons – but that actually taste really yummy.

Pop-Tarts Crisps Frosted Strawberrylicious

Jason’s Take: Strawberry Pop-Tarts are one of my all-time favorites. These Crisps feature a bright red strawberry filling that is absolutely delicious! It tastes identical to regular strawberry Pop-Tarts and even have the same fun sprinkles embedded in the frosting. My new favorite grab-and-go snack!

Jeni’s Take: Normally, the Brown Sugar Cinnamon is my favorite flavor of Pop-Tarts.  But right now, I’m really digging the Strawberrylicious. And ‘licious it is indeed!  The fun colorful sprinkles on top make it really cute and fun, and that blast of tart strawberry in the middle totally hits the sweet spot.  This is definitely my favorite of the two.

Moving on, the Pop-Tarts Bites are next. These are “tasty filled pastry bites.”  Normally, our response to that would be, “‘tasty?’ WE will be the judges of that.” But it’s Pop-Tarts, so…duh.  Of course they will be tasty. We love that the images on the package are the actual size, and they annotate that, too. So, these are supposed to be like mini Pop-Tarts that are bite-sized.

Pop-Tarts Bites Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Jason’s Take: The same classic frosted brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tarts flavor, in little bite size form! A perfect balance of pastry, frosting, and filling constantly leaves you wanting more. Not to mention, these little bite-sized Pop-Tarts are super freaking cute!

Jeni’s Take: Holy moly these are delicious!  It’s like the perfect bite of a Pop-Tart, in every bite.  You get the frosting, the filing and plenty of the pastry all in one.  These are super soft and boast a big time cinnamon flavor. I got two bites out of each one of these. But I can see cramming like three in my mouth at once. The pastry is fluffy and moist, somehow, too.  Thanks, Pop-Tarts Scientists!

Pop-Tarts Bites Frosted Strawberry

Jason’s Take: Ahhhh yes! Strawberry strikes again! These delicious Pop-Tarts Bites are a huge hit in my household. The outer layer of these bites is nice and moist, which is followed by the sweet and tart classic strawberry flavor. Can’t go wrong with these!

Jeni’s Take:  Daaaaayyyyummm!  Strawberry is knocking my socks off today!  That super sweet, super tart flavor comes pouring out of the squishy pastry.  Again, I love the colorful sprinkles on top.  And this gave me a great aftertaste – a mix of strawberry and almost a sugar cookie dough flavor.  These are absolutely delightful!

So, now you can add to that pop culture list of Pop-Tarts mentions.  Snack Gator has spoken!  We’re always impressed with the new Pop-Tarts innovations and this was no exception. “Have you ever put butter on a …..”

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    • Thanks for that critically important note! Totally changes every single thing about this review, now. Because that was, after all, the entire point and focus of it and worthy of correcting. Even though generic toaster pastries are a Pop-Tarts knock off, which still acknowledges their worth in pop culture…. couldn’t just let that one go, could ya buddy?

  • Pop Tarts Bites are WONDERFUL. I have been a pop tarts fan ever since they came out (yes, I am that old). But, the Bites are different animal altogether. The pastry is flaky and tender and they come the nice snack size packages. I am now obsessed. Maybe you can come out with some of the other fruit flavors. That would be great. Thanks for the new treat.

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