New Tastykake Winter Products Review

We’re over the hot cocoa, peppermint, gingerbread and pumpkin spice.  You can love something, and still get tired of it (if you’re in a relationship, you know what we mean). So when Tastykake announced this year’s sweet treats, we crossed our fingers and prayed to the Snack Gods for some unique, yet still festive flavors.  We aren’t sure if it was Tastykake, the Snack Gods, Fate or a mix of all powers that be – but our Christmas wish came true!  Tastykake rolled out a parade of new products in some seriously fantastic, holly jolly flavors: Maple Sweet Rolls, Salted Caramel Mini Donuts, Glazed Chocolate Mint Pie and Mint Kandy Kakes.

Maple is a totally underrated and ignored flavor that screams “HOLIDAYS!”  It’s the toasty, nutty, brown sugary flavors that let you imagine sitting by a fire, eating a huge stack of pancakes.  Who doesn’t want to have that fantasy!?  Then there’s salted caramel.  It’s really emerged the last 2 years as a stand out flavor – and started climbing its way up the holiday ladder.  And then there’s the epic chocolate and mint combo.  Sure, peppermint is great, but this wintery, sweeter mint is a great change.

Tastykake Maple Sweet Rolls

Jeni’s Take: This may just be the best sweet roll I have ever had.  I’m absolutely stunned at how good these are.  That maple flavoring is pure, sticky, sweet and has just the right amount of nuttiness to it.  It’s a strong maple taste on a ridiculously moist and soft roll.  I’m putting the rest in the microwave and slapping a stick of butter on top!

Jason’s Take: These maple sweet rolls are as good as they look! Loaded with glaze, these are ridiculously moist and gooey. The maple flavor is very prominent without it being too overpowering. Yum!

Tastykake Salted Caramel Mini Donuts

Jeni’s Take:  These are the absolute perfect balance of sweetness and salted caramel!  I LOVE the crumb coating, because it adds more texture to the surprisingly incredibly moist donut.  These are outstanding and I would eat them in mini or regular form ANY way with my coffee!  Plus, they have a nice, nutty and sweet aftertaste that lingers.

Jason’s Take: Oh boy! These are most definitely salted caramel! The sweet, yet salty, caramel flavor hits the tongue immediately and the donut simply melts in your mouth. These are dangerous…I could probably eat the entire bag in one sitting. So good!

Tastykake Glazed Chocolate Mint Pie

Jeni’s Take:  I love the thick pie “crust” around this that’s glazed with a sugar coating!  The chocolate literally jumped out at me when I bit into it, and then started oozing out – which I loved. The balance of chocolate and mint is great in this – more of the chocolate with a dash of mint.

Jason’s Take: A classic glazed pie crust surrounds the delicious chocolate mint filling! The filling has a creamy consistency and is the perfect amount of mint! The rich chocolate is followed by a mint flavor that isn’t overpowering.

Tastykake Mint Kandy Kakes

Jeni’s Take:  These smell like mint chip ice cream.  EXACTLY like mint chip ice cream – which is my favorite flavor.  I am seriously digging the bold mint flavor in this.  It’s a super creamy texture and the chocolate surrounding the kake has a great little snap of a crunch to it!  Great blend of chocolate and mint, if you’re a mint enthusiast!

Jason’s Take: Chocolate mint is my thing and these kakes are delicious! The mint is a bit stronger here compared to the chocolate mint pie. The kakes are moist and are the perfect size for convenient snacking. Creamy, moist, and rich — this has it all. So good!

Tastykake nailed it, yet again. They (in conjunction with the Snack Gods and Fate) made our holiday dreams come true with some fresh, comforting and festive flavors in their classic snacks this year!  We would be celebrating our Christmas miracle by jumping around, but we’re loaded up with bellies full of Tastykake, and need a nap.  Instead, we’ll just dream of the most wonderful gift of the season, thanks to Tastykake!

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