Fruity Lucky Charms Review

Lucky Charms just turned 50 years old in 2014.  For 50 years, this cereal has been a staple in the sugary breakfast industry. And it’s gone through some fun transformations in that time.  Some product developer guy named John Holahan is the dude we can thank for this. He got clever with his cereal concoctions by combining Cheerios and chopped up circus peanuts.  You know-  those big orange marshmallow candies shaped like peanuts?  That was the beginning of Lucky Charms!

Over the years, Lucky Charms continues to introduce new shapes for their marbits.  That’s the official name for the marshmallows in the cereal, by the way – marbits. Another interesting fact is that the only original marbit shape still found in the boxes today is the pink heart. New marbits are brought in, while others are retired, keeping the cereal fresh and fun. They also decided to coat the whole grain pieces in a sugar frosting to make the cereal sweeter.  Good move, if you ask me. Shortly after, Chocolate Lucky Charms and Berry Lucky Charms was introduced.

And now, 54 year later, Lucky Charms rolls out a brand new product to their line – Fruity Lucky Charms!  We’ve been ready for this creation for a long time. Let’s be honest – no one really cares about the marbits shapes.  And no one really loves the whole grain pieces, or picks them out of the box first. But when you bless the whole grain cereal with a magical fruity flavor – you just kicked this classic up a few notches.

I opened the box and took a big whiff inside.  It smells like powdered sugar and Trix cereal (another General Mills favorite).  The “sweetened corn” pieces are a pretty, fun, pink color in the shapes we’ve always seen: bells, fish, crosses, three-leaf clovers, and trees.  The marbits (yes, I’m using the correct terminology because I just learned about it and want to sound smart) are bright and vibrant colors. There are 8 different marbits: Blue Moons, Purple Horseshoes, Rainbows, Red Balloons (more like a darker pink), Pink Hearts, Stars (which look like a present or gift), Unicorns, and Lucky’s Hat.

More than the actual marbits’ shapes, I’m focused on the flavor of this cereal!  Immediately, I identified the taste – Trix Cereal.  This is Trix in the form of Lucky Charms!  It’s Trix with fancyass marbits in it!!  Holy crap, this is awesome.  It’s a dream that I never knew I had, come true.  The marbits get that soggy-ish coating on them, like we’re all used to, with the slight crunch just under it.  And together, it’s seriously magically delicious.  I’m hooked.  I wish I could describe the flavor more for you guys – but honestly, I don’t need to.  It’s Trix with Lucky Charms marbits.  And it’s a DAMN GOOD cereal.

More fun Lucky Charms facts (because breakfast cereal history is fun):

  • An advertising group hired by General Mills decided that the charm bracelet craze would be a great theme for a cereal, and they rolled with it.
  •  The leprechaun’s original name was “L.C. Leprechaun”, but it’s since been changed to “Sir Charms”.  He’s more commonly known as “Lucky.”
  • The marbits each symbolize Lucky’s charms that give him power: Hearts – power to bring things to life. Shooting Stars – power to fly. Horseshoes-  power to speed things up. Green Clovers-  luck. Blue Moons – power of invisibility. Rainbows – instant power to travel from one point to another. Red Balloons – power to make things float.  Unicorn – cleanse water with  touch of their horn and heal whatever troubles you.
  • In 1975, Waldo the Wizard replaced Lucky as the mascot.  It didn’t go over well, and Lucky came back quickly.
  • The whole grain pieces are bells, fish, crosses, three-leaf clovers, and trees. The significance of those shapes has been argued quite a bit.  Are they Christian symbols, or talismans carried for good luck in medieval times?  Ohhhhh….mystery!

If you love Lucky Charms, and you love Trix, you’ll love Fruity Lucky Charms.  It’s so simple, but absolutely brilliant.  That pop of ambiguous fruitiness really adds a lot to Lucky Charms and makes this cereal super unique and fun to eat. It’s sweeter, a bit tangier, more flavorful and seriously magically delicious!

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