M&M’s Milk Chocolate Bars Reviews

M&M’s are one of those snacks that you can’t just have one of. Just like chips, you can just eat one and put them down. No matter how old you are or what type of sweets you enjoy, M&M’s are downright delicious. You simply down the entire bag the moment you start eating them. New M&M’s Chocolate bars are here to change the game up! You can now enjoy your M&M’s in chocolate bar form. These new M&M’s Milk Chocolate Bars come in a variety of flavors: Milk Chocolate, Peanut, Crispy, Crispy Mint, and Almond. Each bar features your favorite M&M’s (in minis form) found all throughout the same smooth milk chocolate that M&M’s are made of. The bars are fun looking, too! Each bar is imprinted with M&M’s characters and the mini M&M’s are visible even before you bite into them!

I spotted these chocolate bars at Walmart. Due to launch in December, I found them a few days early. However, I was not able to locate the Crispy Mint variety. Which is fine, because after trying the other four, I am just gonna go ahead and tell you to buy these. They are a definite buy if you enjoy M&M’s! The actual chocolate used in this bar is identical to the chocolate used in actual M&M’s. The chocolate instantly melts in your mouth and is oh so smooth. Then you hit the M&M’s…that’s what makes this bar extra amazing! The candy coating of the mini M&M’s add a nice texture and crunch to the bar. Not to mention, they make the bars so fun to look at! Colors everywhere!

  • Milk Chocolate – You no longer have to enjoy M&M’s in little bite size pieces…take a big bite of this bar to experience M&M’s to the max!
  • Peanut – Pieces of peanut are found throughout this bar, and are pretty common throughout the bar! I was very impressed with the amount of peanuts they went with. If eating this blindfolded, you definitely know you’re eating peanut M&M’s  — just in different form.
  • Crispy – Crispy mini M&M’s in every bite! The crisp rice pieces are the exact same ones used in the centers in regular Crispy M&M’s. Yum!
  • Almond – Bits of almond found throughout the bar compliment the mini M&M’s so well! Delicious. However, I do wish the almond pieces weren’t so tiny. They are much smaller than the peanut pieces found in the peanut variety.
  • Crispy Mint – Didn’t try (yet), but I already know it’s gonna be legit.

Now, it’s time for a quick story… When I was a kid, I would buy a bag of M&M’s from 7-Eleven and drink the bag. By drink, I mean I would rip open the bag, put them ALL in my mouth, and chew. The M&M’s never touched my hands. That’s how much I love M&M’s. And thankfully, these bars will let me experience the same classic M&M’s taste in big bites (and without having to look like an idiot by drinking my M&M’s). A definite buy for any M&M’s lover!

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