Lindt Snickerdoodle White Chocolate Truffles Review

In 4th grade, I brought two batches of homemade Snickerdoodles to my classroom holiday party.  Being the clever kid that I was, I thought it would be smart to put a few of them in my pocket before putting them on the communal treat table. That way, when I got in bed that night, I could continue to enjoy these delicious and festive cookies in secret, by myself.  In my other pocket, I stashed a few pieces of chocolate and peanut butter fudge that Amy Olpin’s mom made.  I just wanted to extend the festivities. Needless to say, my plan failed miserably when the cookies became crumbs and the fudge made the pocket of my Jordache Jeans stick together.  My punishment was the worst, though. I was banned from holiday treats for a week. I cried in my bed that night, dreaming about the Snickerdoodles I could have been secretly devouring.

If you’ve never experienced a Snickerdoodle, you’re missing out. They are soft and chewy, often with a crispy edge.  They have a buttery, vanilla and cinnamon flavor, and get a unique tang from the cream of tartar in them.  These are truly unique cookies and exemplify the holiday season for me.  Clearly, I would go to some crazy lengths to get my hands on Snickerdoodles.

Lindt is a treasured and trusted brand in the truffle game.  And this year, they made me love them even more.  The new seasonal flavor is the Lindt Snickerdoodle White Chocolate Truffles!  SNICKER-FREAKING-DOODLES, baby!  The package says, “This creamy chocolate specialty features a Snickerdoodle flavored center surrounded by a decadent white chocolate shell with deliciously crunchy cookie pieces.” Even better, as an adult, I don’t have to hide them in my pocket.  Sometimes, being a grown up can be awesome.

My first bite had my eyes rolling back in my head.  Yes.  YES.  YES OH YES!  These are absolutely perfect!  They 100% embody the elements of white chocolate, Snickerdoodles and truffles in one perfect little treat.  And that description on the package?  It’s spot on and legit. That sweet tang from the cream of tartar that you find in Snickerdoodles in prevalent in the center of this thing.  And it’s perfect.  That is unmistakably a Snickerdoodle flavor right there.  It’s so creamy, it literally begins melting in my mouth the second it hits my tongue.

I love how well the white chocolate and Snickerdoodle flavors go together.  It’s like a creamier, tangier, sweeter version of a Snickerdoodle!  But let’s talk about the shell.  This has legit cookie bits in the white chocolate shell.  It offers a seriously amazing texture difference – the super duper creamy center with the crispy bits in the shell – holy cow.  It’s absolutely divine.  There are the perfect amount of little cookie bits in there, too, and perfectly distributed.  Plus, that harder outer shell allows for yet another texture difference. It’s not crunchy, but just what you would expect from hardened white chocolate around a truffle.

I can’t get over how freaking unbelievably delicious these are.  I will never stop baking Snickerdoodles during the holidays – that’s a lifelong tradition. But I will certainly be putting a bowl of these Lindt Snickerdoodle White Chocolate Truffles on the coffee table during my holiday parties, that’s for sure. And bonus for being an “adult” – instead of hiding them in my pockets, there are no consequences for having three of these babies under my pillow right now.



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