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There are a lot of things that fatass junk food lover’s crave. Pizza.  Burgers.  Chips.  Crap like that.  But when you move to the sweeter end of the spectrum, we go for the sugary treats that take little to no effort to prepare.  Pies and cakes require baking.  Brownies get boring.  Ice cream means having to get out from under your Snuggly, go to the freezer AND get a spoon.  That’s exhausting just thinking about it.  So what do junk food aficionados reach for?  Cookies.  Always cookies.

Even after grabbing a handful of cookies, there are still some logistical issues.  One cookie obviously won’t satisfy the true sweet treat connoisseur. This means you have to continue to dig into the bag.  That’s wasted effort.  And this, friends, is why we absolutely adore Fat T’s Cookies.  These are quarter-pound cookies.  Read that again.


Sold.  Sign us up.  Count us in.

This dude in Ohio, Travis, started making cookies in 2017 and has already won a buttload of amazing awards for these things.  When junk food wins awards, it gives us the chills, because we KNOW they have to be amazing. We crammed our chubby cheeks and fat faces with these. And now with full, plump, beautiful bellies, we shall let you know our honest opinion about Fat T’s Cookies.  He recommends heating them for 11-18 seconds… but again – we avoid effort, so we just dove right in.

The OG – The ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie.  One pound of chocolate chips for every dozen.

Jeni’s Take:  At first, it was a tad bit dry…but the more I chewed, the more moist this became, almost like a cookie dough!  This is seriously awesome and has a TON of chocolate chips in it!  I love that I can TASTE the butter and vanilla and salt in it!  What a great cookie!

Jason’s Take: It’s unbelievable how many chocolate chips they fit in this cookie. Well, it is massive, but still…there’s a ton of chocolate chips and damn it’s delicious! It’s amazing as is…but head this bad boy up and it somehow gets even more heavenly.

Cookie’s Favorite Cookie – A cookie within a cookie with chunks of cookie throughout the cookie.

Jeni’s Take:  Now THAT is a freaking hard core cookie!  There’s an Oreo (or Oreo-type cookie) INSIDE the chocolate chip cookie, plus bits of more cookie throughout.  The different flavors combine so well for an ultra-sweet, super smooth cookie.

Jason’s Take: Dannnnnnnggggg! Oreo fans – this is for you! At first, it seems like a regular cookie with bits of Oreo wafer in it. However, once you get to the center, you realize there’s an actual Oreo cookie in it. The crunch of the Oreo cookie and the softness of the surrounding cookie combine for one outstanding cookie.

Cin City – A chocolate chip cookie rolled up like a cinnamon roll with a cream cheese icing.  Named the best cookie in northeast Ohio by Cleveland Magazine and all of Ohio by Columbus Underground.

Jeni’s Take:  Yah, no wonder it won a bunch of awards.  First, it looks freaking cool rolled up like a cinnamon roll.  The icing is super sweet and complimentary to the cookie that knocked my socks off!  Super moist, flavorful and pops of cinnamon. Perfect.

Jason’s Take: Craving Cinnabon? Craving a cookie? You get the best of both worlds with this super unique cookie! The ooey-gooey frosting adds so much depth to the flavor of this cookie.

Four the Love of Chocolate – 4 types of chocolate: cocoa powder, semi-sweet chocolate chips, milk chocolate and Nutella.

Jeni’s Take:  Holy shit.  These are some seriously chocolatey cookies!!  All of those chocolates mixed together with the Nutella is out of this world and the perfect cookie for any chocolate lover.  I’m in love!

Jason’s Take: I’m not a fan of anything super-chocolatey but this is amazing. At first glance, I didn’t think I was going to be a fan of this one because of quadruple chocolate base. Boy, was I wrong! The Nutella stands out and the Hershey’s on top adds a lot to the texture. YUM!

#MooseHouse – A play on Moose Tracks ice cream named after Travis’ college house. It’s his regular and chocolate dough with peanut butter cups throughout with a hot fudge drizzle.

Jeni’s Take:  How…what…huh?  How is this even possible?  This cookie is so incredibly unique and has a serious rush of flavors – peanut butter, chocolate, fudge, butter… wow!  I honestly don’t think I have ever had a cookie that is THIS DAMN GOOD in my life before.

Jason’s Take: This cookie is incredibly moist and the peanut butter cups really stand out here! The swirls of fudge are also very prominent and this cookie literally melts in your mouth. It’s so hard to pick a favorite but this one has to be it. Simply amazing!

Cookie Monster – A blue milk chocolate chip cookie will with edible chocolate chip cookie dough to celebrate the Cookie Monster’s birthday on November 2nd.

Jeni’s Take:  Oh my sweet baby jesus.  This cookie is THE cookie of all cookies.  Literally a chocolate chip cookie with cookie dough inside…how genius is that!?  I don’t know what magic this guy possesses to get cookie dough INSIDE a baked cookie, but it works.  And it works really well!

Jason’s Take: Cookie dough INSIDE of a cookie? I’m pretty sure this is what heaven tastes like. No words are really needed…if you like cookie dough, you will LOVE this. Not to mention…this cookie looks like Cookie Monster! How adorable is that?!

Travis told us to be honest.  If they sucked, he wanted us to tell you they sucked.  Guess what – these DO NOT SUCK!  In fact, our bloated bellies and smeared chocolate around our mouths are proof that these were indulgent, delicious and absolutely perfect cookies.  We love the unique flavor mixes and texture combinations… and we especially love that these are freaking HUGE cookies!  Now, it’s nap time, because a cookie coma is about to take over…..

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