Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Bars Review

Limited edition items are the best.  You can’t beat the excitement of discovering the release of something special. There’s the thrill of the anticipation.  You get that adrenaline high when you finally get your hands on them. And when something is released every year, you get that excitement, anticipation and adrenaline all over again! That’s why we are loving Tony’s Chocolonely. It’s an Amsterdam-based company that offers slave-free, bean-to-bar chocolate. They release limited edition bars in the United States only once a year – during the holidays!

The limited edition wrappers on the chocolate bars are pretty kickass. In fact, no one wrapper is the same! We love the Wonka style colors and patterns on them.  Totally eye-catching, for sure. This year, the flavors are:  28% Blonde Chocolate Caramelized Pecan, 32% Milk Chocolate Shortbread Caramel and 51% Dark Chocolate Cocoa Cookies Caramel.  Holy moly…. we want to dive into these so badly.  But the wrappers are so cool and unique, we don’t want to rip them! 🙂

Screw it.  We’re totally unwrapping these like we do with birthday wrapping paper we wanted to re-use on someone else’s gift. Carefully and diligently, we unveiled each bar:

Blonde Chocolate Caramelized Pecan

Jason’s Take: Realistically, the closest thing to actual blonde chocolate that I have ever had was Hershey’s Gold, which I thought was good. Straight up, this chocolate puts Hershey’s to shame! Caramelized pecans mixed with the salty sweet chocolate blend that is made up of white and dark chocolates…this is to die for.

Jeni’s Take:  Wow.  I’ve never had “blonde” chocolate – which is apparently a mix of white and dark chocolates.  It’s pretty different but extremely milky and tasty!  The caramelized pecans in it give it a great mix of buttery, saltiness that I can’t get enough of… so I’ll just keep eating this.

Milk Chocolate Shortbread Caramel

Jason’s Take: Bits of shortbread and chewy caramel found throughout the bar offer a unique twist to this already delicious chocolate! The shortbread caramel flavor is very noticeable but works extremely well with creamy milk chocolate. Brilliant combination!

Jeni’s Take:  Pure, creamy milk chocolate… wow, that’s amazing.  It’s super melt-in-your-mouth, real milk chocolate without that waxiness that other chocolates have. The bits of crunchy shortbread in there are absolutely brilliant – sugar and butter balls, basically!  This is incredible and super unique!

Dark Chocolate Cocoa Cookies Caramel

Jason’s Take: Dark chocolate that is amazingly creamy that features pieces of caramel and cocoa cookies. This is definitely dark chocolate and it’s a home run. The bits of cocoa cookies found within the bar are made from their very own coca powder. Any dark chocolate fan is sure to love this chocolate bar!

Jeni’s Take:  Honestly, I don’t like dark chocolate. It’s normally way too bitter for me.  But this has to be the creamiest dark chocolate I’ve ever had.  It’s bitter, but in a really natural, tasty way.  And the pieces of caramel and cookie bits really bring it home.  That crunch breaks it up and offers a nice balance.

Yahhhhh…. these are SO worth the wait.  If there was a line to jump in for these, we would be pitching tents and sleeping on the sidewalk to be first in line. The fact that they are limited edition really makes them even more special.  Honestly, we’re already waiting for next year’s release.  What flavors will they create? What will the wrappers look like?  How much is airfare to Amsterdam?!

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