Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch Cereal Review

When I was little, making cookies for Santa was a huge deal.  We would sit around a table of cut-out sugar cookies freshly baked.  Sprinkles of all shapes and sizes, chocolate chips, frostings and icings were literally poured on top of the cookies.  As kids, my siblings and I pretty much credited ourselves for Santa’s fat belly.  As an adult, I still make cookies for Santa, and still leave them out for him, with a glass of whiskey.  I figure that man is probably sick of milk or soy almond non-fat non-dairy products with his cookies.  He’s also had a really long night.

Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch cereal was a huge hit when it was released in 2014.  General Mills has kept us in the dark for four very long years.  This year, they brought it back, gave the box a new look, and the enthusiasm is crazy addictive.  I didn’t get to try Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch cereal when it first came out. I was living in Canada – a land where awesome cereals don’t exist, and a bottle of whiskey is $100.  So this year, I’m putting on my jingle bell elf slippers, donning my Santa hat, turning on some Frank Sinatra classic Christmas records, and eating the crap out of this cereal. It’s only October, but I’m in a festive mood.

I opened the box and took a big whiff.  That, friends, smells just like sugar cookie dough.  You know, those ready-made doughs in a tube shape that you can buy?  That’s exactly what it smells like.  I took a few and ate them dry. These are sugar cookies.  They are tiny little crunchy sugar cookies!  Absolutely delicious cookies.  They have a great crunch, like you would expect from the Toast Crunch cereals.  Each piece is generously coated with sugar cookie flavor. Maybe it’s just my magical mood, but I could swear they were sparkling.

I’m in love.

Eating this cereal with milk makes it even better.  The milk adds to the creaminess of a genuine sugar cookie. Most sugar cookie products will focus on that slight lemon flavor in the cookies.  I don’t get that here, and I’m really thankful for that because I get JUST sugary, creamy, warm and comfy sugar cookie. Vanilla is the flavor that really stands out, making it even more authentic. That vanilla is accented by a buttery shortbread taste. Yep – genuine sugar cookie flavor. Everything that is beautiful and enchanting about Christmas – it’s in this big, red box.

Santa or General Mills.  Santa or …. General Mills.  I don’t know who I love more right now.  This might just be the best cereal I’ve ever had, and that’s saying a lot. It’s a Christmas miracle, and it’s only October.  Of COURSE my loyalties always lie with Santa.  But right now, I’m looking at my Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch cereal box like it’s Jason Momoa in a lake with no shirt on. Don’t worry – to make up for my wavering loyalties to Santa, I’ll be leaving a bottle of tequila next to his plate of cookies this year.

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