Snyder’s of Hanover Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Pieces Review

Bigfoot, unicorns, fairies, leprechauns, vampires, left over bacon, pumpkin spice Cheetos, and pumpkin spice pretzels. Out of that list of items, one sticks out because it actually is confirmed to exist — pumpkin spice pretzels! Pumpkin Spice season has once again took over store shelves and has officially made its way in pretzel form. Although these Snyder’s of Hanover Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Pieces officially came out last year, they were pretty damn near impossible to find and we weren’t able to get our hands on them then. Not only that, they barely even made a mention that they were releasing this flavor. So, this flavor is probably new to all of you.

Unlike bigfoot, unicorns, fairies, leprechauns, vampires, left over bacon, and pumpkin spice Cheetos, we did get our hands on the one thing known to exist to give them a try for you! You get an immediate whiff of spices as soon as the bag is opened, specifically cinnamon and nutmeg. The typical pumpkin spice scent. As a HUGE fan of Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Pieces (Honey Mustard flavor is my ride or die), I dove right and and gave these bad boys a try!

As the intense scent suggested, these are packed with flavor. A rush of sweet cinnamon hits your taste buds at first. At first, the flavor was very churro-like. I was left confused…where could the pumpkin spice part be?! I continued to eat a few more. As I kept eating, I started getting other flavors to compliment the sweet cinnamon taste, such as nutmeg, and finally, the pumpkin spice. Why did it take so darn long to get the pumpkin spice flavor?

Look, I get it. Pumpkin spice also means cinnamon and nutmeg, no matter what you eat. Pumpkin powder is listed as an ingredient in these pretzels, which was very surprising to me because it was very faint. They’re delicious pretzels and you BET I am going to eat the entire bag, but there’s just not enough pumpkin spice to keep us pumpkin spice lovers satisfied here. A closer look at the ingredients list reveals that pumpkin powder is one of the least used ingredients. That explains it — they simply messed up in that aspect and pumpkin powder should’ve been higher up on the ingredient list.

To break it down, the very cinnamon-y taste is complimented by the sweetness of sugar. Followed by hints of nutmeg and barely-there pumpkin spice. Both crunchy and delicious, these are very enjoyable and I would still recommend them. I just wish the cinnamon was a bit toned down and more pumpkin powder was used. Now…excuse me while I contact Frito-Lay to see when Pumpkin Spice Cheetos will be coming out! 😉

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