Pop-Tarts Unicorn Sparkle-Licious Cherry

So, this unicorn craze.  Amiright?  Trends are weird.  When you think something is about to lose steam and die down, they jump up and say, “Oh hell, naw.  I’m not goin’ anywhere!”  The unicorn trend has been going pretty hardcore for a couple of years now. Mystical, mythological creatures are no longer owned just by the Dungeons & Dragons kids or the LARPers.  Now, everyone is a unicorn.  And it’s cool to be a unicorn. Because we all have “unicorn power.”  I don’t know what “power” unicorns actually have, but apparently, if you believe, you have it, too.

Jumping on the bandwagon of the unicorn train, Pop-Tarts recently released a limited edition Pop-Tarts Unicorn Sparkle-Licious Cherry.  I’m fully aware that unicorns sparkle.  That’s just a common fact. But since when does the cherry flavor represent these creatures?  It’s not a very majestic flavor.  Cupcake or birthday cake – even piña colada is more befitting of unicorns.  Just because you put the word “sparkle-icious” in front of it, doesn’t give it some awe-inspiring magical powers.  Let’s try. Sparkle-Licious Jeni…..  nope. Same Jeni.  Sparkle-licious hot dog.  Still, just a hot dog with a funny name.

When I pulled these ‘Tarts out of the package, I was pleasantly surprised to see some pretty, colorful unicorn art on them. One says, “Unicorn Power” and the other is a picture of a unicorn head.  Those are pretty fun.  I can see kids being really excited about the pastel colors popping off the white background.  I was worried they would get distorted in the toaster – mainly because my toaster is like 16 years old.  However, the stamped images stayed in place and really weren’t affected by the heat.  Impressive.  Now, let’s try this “sparkle-Licious”cherry filling!

It’s just cherry.  Literally no sparkles in this filling.  It’s a cherry Pop-Tart.  I’m not sure why I’m so surprised.  I guess all of the effort was placed on the artwork in the frosting.  This is weird to me, because the word “unicorn” doesn’t appear on the box anywhere. They couldn’t have thrown in some edible glitter?  Just to, you know, make it “sparkle”?  Well, that’s disappointing.  It’s still a delicious cherry Pop-Tart with awesome unicorn artwork on the frosting, so I’m not devastated.

What did we learn from this experience?

*Unicorns are here to stay.
*Cherry is now the flavor of unicorns.
*Putting “sparkle-licious” in front of a word doesn’t make it sparkle-licious.
*I need a new toaster.
*Pop-Tarts are delicious.
*Unicorn art can distract from a fake flavor.

All in all, these are super cute Pop-Tarts.  They aren’t anything special when it comes to flavor and taste, though.  If you are obsessed with unicorns, you might really enjoy these, if you already love cherry Pop-Tarts.

Sparkle-Licious review!

Damnit. It’s still just a regular review.

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