Peppermint Bark Oreos Review

‘Tis the season for some new Oreos! To prepare for Santa’s arrival, Oreo launched these new Peppermint Bark Oreos! These Oreos feature peppermint flavored creme and crunchy sugar crystals (think candy cane pieces). These are not to be confused with previously released Peppermint Creme Oreos or Candy Cane Oreos. The other two were big let downs and this is the first year that the creme features crunchy pieces! Now the question is…will you be leaving these cookies out for Santa this year? Will Santa’s fatass hoard them all to himself? Let’s find out!

This Oreo cookie consists of chocolate wafers, a soft minty creme, and embedded bits of candy cane within the creme. Before trying the cookies, I initially thought to myself that Oreo made a bad call going with the chocolate wafers rather than the golden wafers. Then, I remembered that that this is peppermint bark Oreos, and obviously chocolate is a crucial part of peppermint bark. When you first take a bite, you instantly realize that this is definitely peppermint bark!

The mint is a smooth, satisfying, and not overpowering at all. Peppermint in cookies are sometimes too minty, but these are just right! The chocolate from the wafers compliments the creme so very well, replicating the peppermint bark flavor. The creme is not only minty, but I also pick up on notes of white chocolate, which makes me very happy since white chocolate is a staple in peppermint bark.

And guess what? The ‘crunchy sugar crystals’ are straight up bits of candy cane! We all know that peppermint bark is always topped off with bits of candy cane and this touch to these Oreos is simply perfect. These cookies would’ve been good even without the candy cane bits, but the added crunch really help seal the deal….these Oreos are outstanding. The crunch of chocolate wafer combined with the minty, white chocolatey creme, and the heavenly crunchy candy cane bits all combine to instantly put you in the holiday spirit!

If you plan on buying these, be prepared to instantly want to jam out to Mariah Carey’s Christmas songs. Somehow, someway, these Oreos made me instantly excited for Christmas and it isn’t even Halloween yet. You bet I won’t be leaving these out for Santa…because by that time, these will all be wiped out of the shelves because I am going to be buying them ALL!

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