Lay’s Poppables Creamy Jalapeno Review

Lay’s Poppables are totally underrated in the snack world. Light, airy, crispy, and incredibly flavorful! Not to mention, a whopping 28 pieces equals one serving. The Lay’s Poppables lineup includes Sea Salt, White Cheddar, and Honey BBQ — up until now. With no announcement, Lay’s went ahead and surprised us all with a spicy flavor to add to their line up. Creamy Jalapeno! About damn time, Frito-Lay!

Boy oh boy, I am extremely excited about this flavor! Immediately upon opening the bag, you get an instant whiff of zesty jalapeno. The scent alone is a great indicator that these are actually going to be spicy. Once you try them, you get thrown off a bit. The creamy in Creamy Jalapeno makes a bold appearance. The creamy cheese flavor almost coats your tongue, leaving you wondering where the jalapeno is. After swallowing, it all comes together. The spiciness is definitely there and Lay’s nailed it — it’s definitely jalapeno taste!

I would best describe the creaminess to be a mix of cheddar and sour cream, which compliments the followed spiciness from the jalapeno aspect so perfectly. A nice rush of heat comes through after the amazing creamy flavor and the heat builds up the more you pop these bad boys into your mouth.

As a spicy food lover, I have a very high heat tolerance. I can legit eat anything spicy — including the fresh jalapeno and habanero peppers currently growing in my backyard (sadly, about to rip them out due to changing seasons). With that being said, these are actually pretty spicy! Very manageable for me, but those of you with a lower tolerance to spicy foods may not be able to handle them.

What I really liked best about these is the creaminess aspect. They’re not just jalapeno. They are creamy jalapeno. We see jalapeno flavors all over the place in the snack world, but I can’t recall ever a time where I have tried a creamy jalapeno flavor. The flavor is spot on too! Creamy, zesty, spicy — all in one. Lay’s Poppables — you have done it again. This is my new favorite flavor! Be right back as I go eat 140 of them, which equates to five servings, which is the entire bag. Who was gonna count out 28 anyways?

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  • I thought I loved white cheddar but the creamy jalapenos are awesome and I cant quit eating them
    Light and airy, not greasy with a great taste and a little fire. I’m hooked.

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