Harry & David Cinnabon Moose Munch Popcorn Review

Sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy this review about….popcorn! Harry & David have teamed up with Cinnabon to satisfy your next kernel craving and we got our hands on some to review! It’s no secret people love gourmet popcorn. Gourmet popcorn shops are becoming more and more popular. Popcorn even makes an excellent holiday gift too! Let’s face it…whenever you got one of those tins of popcorns for a holiday gift, you low-key loved it. Sure, it’s not a shiny new toy or electronic device, but popcorn is legit and we all can agree on that.

Harry & David takes everyday popcorn snacking to the next level with Cinnabon. Everyone loves Cinnabon. This popcorn is made with gigantic popcorn pieces, dipped in creamy caramel and Cinnabon cinnamon. Then, it’s topped with white chocolate drizzled inspired by Cinnabon’s classic filling and cream cheese icing. If you tell me your mouth isn’t watering yet, you’re lying.

No joke — this popcorn really smells like Cinnabon! You know, that classic cinnamon sugar and gooey cream cheese smell. That is all captured by the coating of this popcorn. Onto the taste…I’m honestly speechless.  I could just end this review now by simply putting BUY NOW, but I am going to go in depth for you to make your mouth water a little more. 😉 Oh my gosh, this popcorn tastes so heavenly.

Harry & David’s Cinnabon Moose Munch combines the finest pieces of fully popcorn with the best possible coating for the tastiest gourmet popcorn experience! Fluffy popcorn, buttery caramel, cinnamon, and white chocolate equals perfection. It makes for an irresistibly salty-sweet treat that you’ll want to just hide in the pantry and save it all for yourself (that’s IF you don’t finish it all in one sitting)!

At first, I thought the white chocolate drizzles were added just for appearance purposes. Boy was I wrong. The white chocolate element adds a unique creaminess to it. It replicates the cream cheese icing that Cinnabon serves up on their rolls that leaves you wanting more.

This Harry & David’s Cinnabon Moose Munch is a salty-sweet treat that you can’t pass up. A must buy if you enjoy gourmet popcorn or Cinnabon. And chances are, you enjoy both since you are sitting here reading a review about just that! 😀 I sincerely hope Harry & David makes huge tins of this popcorn…that’s all I would want for Christmas. BUY NOW!

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