Archie McPhee Crazy Flavored Candy Canes Review

The candy cane. It’s a staple in every home and business during the holidays.  Festive families deck the halls with them, some hang them from the limbs of Christmas trees, and every dentist’s office has a bowl at the receptionist’s desk, ready for the taking.  Santa hands them out, kids are bribed to be good with them, and holiday bakers use them to create delicious treats. Ahhh, yes.  The candy cane is a classic holiday candy.  Peppermint is warm and comforting. Many companies try to run with the candy cane flavor train, but none have gone as far as Archie McPhee.

Archie McPhee has some of the craziest candy cane flavors we’ve ever seen.  And we’re about to try them out.

Mac & Cheese Candy Canes

Jeni’s Take:  This one took me a second to identify….but after eating a bit more, it was unmistakable. That’s freaking mac & cheese. It’s got a super sweet cheese flavor.. somehow it even tastes like melted cheese.  I’m in awe at how they did this.

Jason’s Take: First lick and you get an incredibly cheesy flavor! That ooey-gooey deliciousness of mac and cheese — in candy form! A must for any mac and cheese fan.

Clamdy Canes Candy Canes

Jeni’s Take:  I am NOT a clam fan.  However, I have to say, they totally got the flavor in this!  It’s sweet AND salty at the same time, which was really surprising. And it really does taste like clams…which is tripping me out pretty hard core.

Jason’s Take: Like Jeni, seafood is not my thing. I’ve never had a clam before, but this is exactly what I imagined it would smell like. It somehow even smells clam-y.

Coal Candy Canes

Jeni’s Take:  If you were born in the 70s and remember scratch-n-sniff stickers, you’d recognize that this tastes like the smell of skunk stickers!  It literally tastes like charcoal with a sweet kick.

Jason’s Take: Great stocking stuffer for those who are on the naughty list! It straight up tastes like charcoal, with notes of cherry to compliment it. The Grinch would approve!

Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes

Jeni’s Take:  Wait.. how.. WHAT?  This actually tastes exactly like chicken.  Like a roast chicken.  I’m so confused and happy all at the same time. I can even taste a seasoning that compliments the chicken. Absolutely mind-blowing.

Jason’s Take: I can’t believe it. Unbelievable how nailed the flavor on this one. You get all the aspects of rotisserie chicken in this one. The meat, the skin, and even the seasoning. My mind was weirded out because it TASTED like I was eating rotisserie chicken but I was really eating candy! So fun!

Old Fashioned Bacon Candy Canes

Jeni’s Take:  After sucking on this one for a bit, I really got a sweet & salty combo…but not really that smoky bacon flavor I was looking for.  The others seems to punch me in the face with flavor, but this one was super mild and not really bacony.

Jason’s Take: I was excited for this one the most! Although very enjoyable, I do wish the bacon flavor was bolder. It’s there, just definitely toned down. A fun stocking stuffer for any bacon fanatic though!

And there you have it.  We just ate the craziest, weirdest candy canes we’ve ever seen – and we see a LOT of weird stuff as junk food Bloggers.  It’s no surprise that these were so much fun, because Archie McPhee is an awesome website for gag gifts, weird stuff, silly items and some of the craziest stuff you can find online.  Their most recent catalog is dedicated to rubber chickens, and even has a full page fold-out of a huge rubber chicken.  If that doesn’t describe how fun and sassy Archie McPhee is, we don’t know WHAT would.

Grab some of these Archie McPhee crazy flavored candy canes as stocking stuffers or present toppers.  Fill bowls with them instead of those stupid, boring peppermint candy canes. And be sure to head over to Archie McPhee to check out the other flavors that we didn’t try!

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