Yasso Pumpkin Cheesecake Frozen Greek Yogurt Review

I am all about embracing the holidays.  For me, nothing screams “holiday season” like pumpkin. And it’s screaming pretty loudly – there are pumpkin products everywhere now.  Most of them go with pumpkin spice, because that is, after all, the basic bitch flavor of choice.  It’s only September 18th, and I’m craving something different.  Something pumpkin-y, but not the classic pumpkin spice.  Plus, I need to watch my junk food intake seeing as how it’s not even the official beginning of fall for another two days…and I’ll be indulging like crazy this year!  Yasso is famous for their amazing Greek yogurts, and they just announced a brand spanking new product that has me even more excited about the holiday season.  Plus, it’s easy on the waist line.  Allow me to introduce you to Yasso Pumpkin Cheesecake Frozen Greek Yogurt!  It comes in bars and pints, and I’m so ready for this!

Pumpkin cheesecake,  you guys.  Pumpkin CHEESECAKE!  If that isn’t two of the best things to put together, I don’t know what is. Well, maybe Johnny Depp and bacon…. but I digress. So, the product is pumpkin cheesecake frozen Greek yogurt with a graham cracker swirl. The pints are only 150 calories, and the bars are 120.  HELLO! You mean I can munch on these, get my holiday spirit on, have something uniquely different, AND not have to wear my pajama pants (unless I want to) because it won’t make me fatter?  I’m SO in.

I opened a bar first, and immediately smelled pumpkin and a slight tang.  That has to be the cheesecake factor. Once I took my first bite, I was convinced – this is the new flavor of the season. Yasso Pumpkin Cheesecake, I hereby anoint you with the most regal and the highest honor of “flavor of the season.” Doth, thy, ye and whatever. This stuff is amazing.

Honestly, I’ve never really had Greek yogurt, so this is a new experience all around for me. This frozen Greek yogurt is like creamy times 10. Creamy to the next level. And in that creaminess is a blatant and bold pumpkin spice, blended perfectly with a tangy, light cheesecake. That graham cracker swirl makes its appearance throughout every bite, and has a great nutty crunch to it. I absolutely love that this is frozen. Even when the weather turns colder, I’ll be eating these because it truly is a unique experience.  I found myself savoring every bite, and closing my eyes while I drifted off to a winter wonderland in my head. And that’s no exaggeration.

I can’t overstate the texture, creaminess and flavors that this product (both the bars and the pints) offers.  It’s like eating a real pumpkin cheesecake, with way less calories and guilt…which is SHOCKING to me because it tastes like my belly should start muffin-topping over my pants at any minute. Instead, it offered the perfect solution to the tiresome pumpkin spice craze, and really did put me in the holiday spirit.

I wish Yasso made a turkey with gravy and stuffing and mashed potatoes frozen Greek Yogurt with only 150 calories.

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