Wise Tailgate Classics Ridgies Chips Review

Even if you aren’t a football fan, you can always enjoy a good tailgate party. Unfold those lawn chair, slap on a sun visor, pop a top on your favorite beer, crank up the music and unbutton your pants. Tailgate parties might be focused on socializing before, during and after a game.  But for true junk food fans, it’s all about the food.

Wise Chips are pretty obviously a favorite snack. They are always coated nicely with awesome flavors, have serious crunch, and appease our salty snack cravings in a major way.  The Ridgies are their version of ridged potato chips, and they don’t disappoint.  Ridges create more of a crunch, and hold a lot more flavor in their crevices.

When Wise released their new limited edition Tailgate Classics, we jumped on it. We also didn’t wear pants, because, what’s the point? We’re about to gorge ourselves and pretend that we’re in the parking lot of the stadium at an awesome tailgate party. We tried the Tailgate Classics Dry Rub Ribs and Tailgate Classics Buffalo Wings for the first time. Plus, we devoured another fitting flavor we thought every tailgate party without pants should have: Southern Sweet Heat BBQ.

Here’s what we thought after our feast:

Ridgies Tailgate Classics Dry Rub Ribs

Jeni’s Take: Holy crap. How did they do this? These literally taste like dry rub ribs!! That smoky, brown sugary, garlicy flavor that IS dry rub ribs is all over these chips. Plus the ridges are huge in these chips, which really soak up the flavor. They may as well have put a dry rib in a blender and dipped the chip in it – because these taste amazing!

Jason’s Take: First of all, I have to talk about how amazing the chips themselves are. WOW. Not only are they thick and crunchy, but they also feature deep ridges…perfect for dipping. Now onto the flavor — they are spot on with dry rub ribs! Tons of seasoning too.  Can’t go wrong with this flavor!

Ridgies Tailgate Classics Buffalo Wings

Jeni’s Take: Whoa…. that slight tang, mild spice, sweet punch… it’s all there. These are another perfect flavor match. I can’t believe how much these taste like buffalo wings!  In fact, the spice is lingering, just like when you eat real buffalo wings.  And seriously, I can taste the chicken, too, not just the wing sauce.  IMPRESSIVE!

Jason’s Take: Buffalo wings are one of my all time favorites. Once again, they perfected the flavor! All the tanginess and with the extra buffalo kick without the mess of eating the real thing! Not too spicy, but not too mild…these are the perfect chip to bring to your next tailgate or barbecue for all to enjoy.

Ridgies Southern Sweet Heat BBQ

Jeni’s Take: At this point, I don’t think you can fail with ANY flavor of Wise chips. That sweet heat definitely hit me, right after the sweet and tangy BBQ sauce flavor. They nailed it. I could eat this entire bag and not feel guilty. This is THE best BBQ potato chip I’ve ever had, seriously.

Jason’s Take: We saved the best for last. My mind is blown…I don’t know how Wise did it, but these are indeed ‘sweet heat’. The sweetness of the barbecue hits your tongue first, followed by the heat. These are honestly my new favorite chip and I am a chip connoisseur. No joke, one of my hobbies is trying new chips and it’s not everyday I find a new favorite flavor. Phenomenal flavor and tons of seasoning!

Honestly, these chips were way better than we anticipated.  We had high expectations, of course, because we LOVE Wise chips. But these flavors knocked it out of the park, and hit a home run. Wise tackled the flavors and scored a touchdown. Wise intercepted the other brands and scored a defensive touchdown. Ok, ok.  We’ll sack the tailgate puns. Buy these chips, and you won’t regret it. You will if you eat the entire bag by yourself and wear pants, though.

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