Pear’s Gourmet Flavored Nuts Review

When Snack Gator sits on Santa’s lap, he moves his tail to the side and tells Mr. Claus that he wants some fancy snacks. Gift baskets filled with meats and candies and coffees and cheeses and nuts and cookies and and and…. We are suckers for a good gourmet snack. It makes us feel British and a bit snobby.  Pear’s Gourmet is just about the perfect spot to find gourmet snacks, because even if they are “good for you,” they sure don’t taste like it. Their flavored nuts are the perfect example. Twelve crazy flavors on all of the best nuts (the ones we pick out of trail mix first).  That’s exactly what Snack Gator wants for Christmas.

We scored a big box of these fancy shmancy nuts and were ridiculously excited to try them. They have no artificial preservatives (who cares), no artificial colors (whatever) and no artificial flavors (big whoop). As long as they taste awesome and make us turn our noses at the peasant folk, we’re totally on board!

First, we tried the seasonal flavors. We pursed our lips, put out pinkies out and then said, “screw it” and shoved them in our mouths like animals.

Honey Roasted Peanuts Caramel Apple Flavored

Jason’s Take: I don’t know how they did it, but they somehow replicated the classic caramel apple taste! Right when you bite into the peanuts, you get a tart apple taste, followed by a hint of caramel.

Jeni’s Take:  Whoa! Talk about a genuine caramel apple flavor! The tart apple and sweet caramel combine nicely with the salty peanuts for a perfect and unique treat.

Honey Roasted Peanuts Pumpkin Spice

Jason’s Take: Pumpkin spice everything — so why not pumpkin spice peanuts? Thanks to Pear’s Gourmet, now you can enjoy your favorite flavor of the fall with these peanuts. Cinnamon hits the taste buds first, then rest of the pumpkin spice element follows through seconds later.

Jeni’s Take:  The cinnamon really takes precedence in this pumpkin spice flavoring – but it’s quite delicious and very festive!

After that insane adventure of flavor, we moved on to the other varieties. Check these babies out!

Mandarin Ginger Glazed Almonds

Jason’s Take: I love citrus anything, so I knew I was going to be an instant fan! Not only were the nuts delicious, but they I really enjoyed the dried bits of mandarin found throughout the bag.

Jeni’s Take: This is a bold nut, that’s for sure!  The sweet mandarin and spicy ginger perfectly compliment the nutty flavors in the almonds.

Wild Blueberry Lemon Oatmeal Glazed Almonds

Jason’s Take: Woah! This is one unique almond. Not only are you getting the blueberry tartness and slight sour of the lemon, but you also get the nice touch of oatmeal to make these one complete almond. I could definitely see myself snacking on these for breakfast when running late!

Jeni’s Take: Holy moly these babies are coated nicely! The blueberry and lemon give it a light flavor and the oatmeal offers a great crunch!

Cranberry Vanilla Flavored Cashews

Jason’s Take: A rush of cranberry hits you first, followed by a soft vanilla touch. You can’t go wrong with these!

Jeni’s Take: The dried cranberries are super tart and delicious!  This reminds me of a high-class trail mix!

Everything Bagel Flavored Cashews

Jason’s Take: Simply amazing. If you like everything bagel, you’ll for SURE love these. They nailed every aspect of the everything bagel flavor — the sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, garlic…it’s absolutely perfect.

Jeni’s Take:  This is my favorite so far.  Super garlicy and really bold flavors in this one!  I love the caraway seeds, too!

Maple Bacon Flavored Cashews

Jason’s Take: Instant maple flavor! After a few seconds, you start tasting the bacon element. A really unique flavor!

Jeni’s Take: The maple and bacon flavors are spot on in this one! I love the sweetness and saltiness it offers!

Honey Roasted Chipotle Flavored Peanuts

Jason’s Take: Spicy anything is my go-to, so I was incredibly excited to try these peanuts! They are loaded with SO much seasoning. The heat builds up as you eat more, but not too spicy. It’s just perfect!

Jeni’s Take:  Wow!  If you love chipotle, you’ll adore these nuts! They are very generously coated and pack a punch of flavor!

Red Chile Queso Flavored Peanuts

Jason’s Take: One of my favorite flavors. Cheesy and spicy, these are identical to red chile queso!

Jeni’s Take:  These 100% nailed the flavors of a red chile queso.  Absolutely delicious and literally taste like queso!

Coconut Praline Pecans

Jason’s Take: Although these flavors are all delicious, this one is my absolute favorite. Pinch me, I am dreaming. Huge pecans coated in delightful coconut coating.

Jeni’s Take:  I’m in heaven. These are my new favorite, for sure. The milky, creamy coconut is incredible with this pecan!  Simple, uncomplicated, delicious.

Wild Blueberry Ancient Grain Pecans

Jason’s Take: Blueberry tartness heaven! These delicious pecans not only feature pieces of blueberry throughout the bag, but you also get grains on every piece.

Jeni’s Take:  What a unique taste!  These pecans offer a wonderful tart blueberry flavor, with a strong crunch from the grains.

Maple Cinnamon Apple Walnuts

Jason’s Take: Immediately, I taste the cinnamon apple aspect of these walnuts. After a few seconds, the maple flavor comes through and I am amazed. Can’t wait to snack on the rest of these later!

Jeni’s Take: These walnuts remind me of a big bowl of cinnamon apple oatmeal with syrup on it.  The flavors are spot on, and the ratio of maple to cinnamon to apple is absolutely perfect.

Put these in our stockings, fill gift baskets and wrap these suckers up. THIS is what we want to see under the tree this year. Seriously, these will make amazing gifts because they are unique, full of flavor, decently good for you (blah) and totally delicious. In fact, if you visit our houses this holiday season (please don’t), you will definitely see candy dishes filled with Pear’s Gourmet Nuts on our coffee tables.  But seriously, please don’t come over.

Santa, if you’re reading this, Jeni would also like a new coloring book and Jason wants dinosaur bed sheets.


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