Peanut Butter & Jelly Halo Top Review

It’s classic, simple, and timeless. Kids grow up eating it, and adults indulge in the nostalgia when times are tight. It’s sweet, popular, and makes for one hell of a treat. It’s the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. With so many versions of nuts trying to make their mark on the “nut butter” industry, pushing the peanut out, we’ll always stand by the old, familiar peanut butter. Jelly is simple.  We don’t need marmalade or some hybrid of mixed berries. Give us peanut butter and give us strawberry jelly. Slap that between two pieces of bread, and we’re good to go.

Halo Top’s latest creation is a 360 calorie, limited edition, Peanut Butter & Jelly flavor. They didn’t jazz it up – they stayed true to form and went with real peanut butter and strawberry puree. Halo Top has definitely changed our minds about low calorie ice cream. We used to turn our fat noses to it, and now, we dive in, knowing it doesn’t lack flavor or consistency.  I’m excited about this flavor – but bummed it’s only around for a very limited time.

I dove in with both feet.  Holy crap, this is AMAZING.  It’s a very light, but definite peanut butter ice cream. It carries a sweet, nutty, buttery aftertaste that lingers. It’s super smooth, very creamy and absolutely nails the peanut butter flavor without being overbearing or artificial at all.

I had to dig in a little bit to get to the jelly swirls, but knew it the second I tasted it.  The sweet and tart jelly blends absolutely perfectly with the buttery, creamy peanut butter. It’s the perfect amount, too – because I can taste equal parts of each side, even if I don’t see it in the spoonful.  One of the most surprising and comforting factors in this ice cream was the cannoli pieces!  These act as the bread and crust – bringing the flavors and textures of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich together perfectly.

This is absolutely amazing. You’ll feel like you’re taking a bite of the classic sandwich, and they completely nailed the flavors and combination of flavors with a beautiful ratio of peanut butter to jelly. You can’t go wrong with this ice cream, so go grab it while you can!

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